Church of Dagon

Burial in the Woods

BURIAL IN THE WOODS in a one man Black/Doom Metal band from Bavaria, Germany.  The […]
By Justin "Witty City' Wittenmeier
July 29, 2019
Burial in the Woods - Church of Dagon album cover

BURIAL IN THE WOODS in a one man Black/Doom Metal band from Bavaria, Germany.  The four tracks across the debut full length, "Church of Dagon," are heavily inspired by H.P. Lovecraft.  As that inspiration may suggest, this almost forty-eight-minute long album is a mix of darkness, despair and just the right amount of melody. Gerileme, the man behind it all, has filled this album with a ton of crushing riffs and variety, including the use of organ and synths.

The first track, "Burial In The Woods," begins with the monolithic sounds of the organ.  The Doom riffs kick in soon after and the two instruments work together creating a towering sound that still retains the rawness of Black Metal and the sweltering blanket of heaviness that is Doom. Gerileme's vocals are throaty and searing-a dangerous Blackened attack that leaves no doubt as to the album's goal of acidic devastation . Atmospheric textures even find a way to work as noted in the passage around the five-minute mark, filled with clean guitar and crashing drums.  This section is a nice touch and never felt out of place even though it is vastly different than much of the song.

The second track, "Ecclesia Dagoni," beings with chants before a harrowing scream pierces them, giving a passage to haunting organ that just feels right at home with this style of Metal. The drums, almost tribal, really heighten the atmospheric along the guitars which a more melodic tone than was presented in the first track.  The middle of the track is built around the lead guitar which carries the melody while the drums and organ keep things firmly planted in the drowning sorrow of Doom.

"Growing Shadows," is my favorite of the first three tracks.  From the opening moments, it hits hard but still works in cold melodies.  The vocals work particularly well within this track, providing a nice contrast to the organ, which ends the song on a somewhat frightening note. Next we get to the final track, and the centerpiece of the album. "Golgeler Alemi," is almost twenty-five minutes in length.  The song's opening movement is brought to life by clean guitar before settling into a more Gothic Doom tone, not unlike something you might here from early MY DYING BRIDE.  The cadence moves along nicely, built up crunchy riffs that propel the song along smoothly.  The clean parts come around again around the three-minute mark, sandwiched between the Blackened fury, a nice breather than injects variety.  The next few minutes are some of the most dismal and crushing Doom I've heard all year (and I've heard A LOT) proving that a balance between Black and Doom can be achieved without hurting either style.

The vocals for the first half the song is made up of the chants, which I think is a nice touch—it just gives the album an even more raw, organic feel.  The Blackened vocals rear their demonic head soon after and their performance is the best of the album. The song's ending is a subtle whirlwind of organ, drums, and riffs that create the perfect ending. "BURIAL IN THE WOODS'" Church of Dagon," is an impressive debut from an impressive musician.  Fans of both Black and Doom will find a very worthwhile journey, one that contains the best elements of both sub genre's and a good show of variety through it out.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Church of Dagon" Track-listing:

1. Forbidden Pages
2. Ecclesia Dagoni
3. Growing Shadows
4. Golgeler Alemi

Burial in the Woods Lineup:

Gerileme - Everything

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