Break Down The Gate


BULLRING is an Italian Hard Rock band that was formed in 2018 by the drummer […]
By Caio Botrel
October 21, 2019
Bullring - Break Down The Gate album cover

BULLRING is an Italian Hard Rock band that was formed in 2018 by the drummer Luke Ferraresi. Luke went on looking for musicians that had the same experience that he has and found the remaining ingredients in Dave and Remo. The three powerful musicians that have worked with musicians from AEROSMITH, GUNS N' ROSES and MÖTLEY CRÜE have just released their debut album titled "Break Down The Gate" and that's what we are going to talk about.

"Are You Shining" is the opening song of the album and it will start hitting you out with a killer and heavy groovy guitar riff. I really liked how the bass sound is present and heavy here, it gave the instrumental a whole new powerful sound. The vocal lines are pretty good and the chorus is really catchy. I liked how the drive vocals technique gave the song the kind of aggressive mood it needed. It's a great song to start the album. The next song "You're What You're Fighting For" starts out with a cool ambiance created by a guitar solo, the heavy bass sound in the background and the classic Hard Rock drumming. It feels a little bit complex than the previous song and the guitar work here is really good. The chorus is just great and you will start to sing and bang your head as soon as you hear it. There's a guitar solo on this one that really showed the virtuoso side of the band.

"My Darkest Shadow" starts out as heavy as it should be and it reminded me of Black Label Society. There's a killer heavy groovy guitar riff on the stanzas, but the atmosphere changes a little bit when the chorus arrives, as it is a little bit more melodic. It seems to be a more direct song, like a punch in your face. The song is full of groovy and the instrumental parts are heavy as they can get. We have this "Violet Song" that starts out in a more melodic way and it kind of feels like a ballad. It reminded me of the Hard Rock bands from the 80's. It's a really good song and it sounds romantic as well.

Do you want to be at "Dirty Paradise"? Well, this song starts with a cool and different guitar riff. It feels different and pretty cool to be honest. It's a different song with some cool instrumental arrangements, specially the drums that sounded really cool and gave the song a whole new feeling. Dude... they know how to write songs. Let's sing the "Fear Killing Anthem" my friends. It's a really energetic song and it will make you feel like screaming and riding a motorcycle as fast as it can gets in a cool highway. Seriously, you can't stop banging your head and dancing on this one. The guitar riffs are pretty cool, the vocal lines are good and the chorus is as catchy as the 80's bands. I'm pretty sure you're going to like it. The guitar solo is really inspiring.

"Jackhammer" isn't for fools. There's a really heavy bass sound that completes the heavy drums and guitars. The stanza instrumental part is really cool as it is played with fingering guitar technique and there's some groovy arrangements as well. The chorus is really good and reminded me of the Brazilian Hard Rock band DR.SIN. It's a really good song and I believe that it's one of the coolest from the album. Well, what else I have to say about "Amy And Me"? It starts with a cool clean guitar sound and a very inspiring vocals and it made me feel something cool, it was touching. The chorus is the highlight of the song as it sudden grows and hit you up in the face. The guitar solo on this one was really inspiring.

I'm pretty sure that ''You Cannot Hurt Me" as it starts out with the cool and heavy groovy guitar riffs that these guys are able to play. This song follows the formula of the previous one and it's just awesome. The drumming and bass work is astonishing. "I'll Snatch Your Tongue" and "I'm Too Old" are really exciting songs, with a lot of energy and heavy groovy guitar riffs and a great bass n' drums work. The end of the last song is just great, as it reminded me of a live gig. The song that closes the album is "Idea4" and it starts out with a cool bass n' drums sound followed by some cool guitar riffs. The album ends just like it started: powerful and energetic.

BULLRING have written and recorded a great and killer Hard Rock with a Groovy N' Punk vibe. The production was really tight and the execution of all instruments are astonishing, they really know how to play their instruments. I loved how the bass and drums sounded as heavy as it could sound, it gave a whole new vibe to the songs. It's one of the best Hard Rock releases of the year and I'm sure of that. They deserve the prize!

10 / 10









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"Break Down The Gate" Track-listing:

1. Are You Shining
2. You're Just What You're Fighting For
3. My Darkest Shadow
4. Violet Song
5. Dirty Paradise
6. Fear Killing Anthem
7. Jackhammer
8. Amy And Me
9. You Cannot Hurt Me
10. I'll Snatch Your Tongue
11. I'm Too Old
12. Idea4

Bullring Lineup:

Remo Ferrari - Vocals and Bass
Luke Ferraresi - Drums and Backing Vocals
Dave Pola - Guitars and Backing Vocals

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