Heading For The Top


...Midnight riders, breaking the rules...midnight riders, breaking free...: you got it, the right to Rock! […]
By Grigoris Chronis
September 15, 2006
Bullet - Heading For The Top album cover

...Midnight riders, breaking the rules...midnight riders, breaking free...: you got it, the right to Rock! This is not a drill, this is the purest, the most unpolluted version of Heavy Metal, the epitome of guitar frenzy, bass rumble and drum rupture. If this debut album was released 25 years ago, things would be quite normal. But - in year 2006 - it's not an easy task for an ol' Metal mutha to bang his head to the very end in such an ease. Bring back the mighty 80s, for fuck's shake!
Someone must be at war with maturity! Hell yeah! Bang your heeeead! Bullet was formed in 2001 but I could easily trace 'em down somewhere between 1983 and 1985. 100% 'sharp' old-school guitars, mid-to-fast tempos throughout the whole track listing, continuous bass lines and groovy 4/4 drumming and....some heads are gonna roll! Singer Dag Hell Hofer is 'in love' with  Udo Dirkschnider, Marc Storace and Brian Scott (or Bon Johnson, to verify you got it!) while the guitar duo pays homage to everything six bands did up to 1983-1985 (names available in the next paragraph, please). Note: the year(s) mentioned apply - as apparent - to respective taste. No need to write more.
This review can be summarized via mentioning: Accept, AC/DC, Krokus, Saxon, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. Seriously, for an 80s Metal fan there's no reason to write something in addition. 'Dressed' in a diamond 'retro' production, Heading For The Top is the album every traditional Hard & Heavy maniac was waiting since 1985(!). Do album titles like Restless & Wild, Metal Randez-vous, Highway To Hell, British Steel and Denim & Leather still make you shiver? My heart knows how they really 'apply' to me...Raise Hell!!!

8 / 10


"Heading For The Top" Track-listing:

Midnight Riders (Riding Free)
Turn It Up Loud
Heading For The Top
Rambling Man
Hard Luck Man
Speeding In The Night
One Deal With The Devil
Rock Steady
Leather Love
Raise Hell
Bang Your Dead

Bullet Lineup:

Hell Hofer - Vocals
Lenny Blade - Bass
Hampus Klang - Guitars
Erik Almstrom - Guitar
Gustav Hjortsjo - Drums

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