BUCKCHERRY are a rock band from Los Angeles/Anaheim, California that were founded in 1995. BUCKCHERRY […]
By Chelsea Jennings
September 28, 2015
Buckcherry - Rock-N'-Roll album cover

BUCKCHERRY are a rock band from Los Angeles/Anaheim, California that were founded in 1995. BUCKCHERRY have just put out their latest album titled "Rock-N-Roll" via F-Bomb Records.

BUCKCHERRY's latest release titled "Rock-N-Roll" gives the fans of classic rock-n-roll almost everything they could possibly think of asking for on one single CD. Make no mistake that this is not a completely new concept to create a rock album that has all kinds of different "anthems" for different moods or situations if you will, but BUCKCHERRY manage to pull it off. BUCKCHERRY manage to somehow give fans of every mood and situation some sort of theme for their situation or life all tucked into one compact little album. Very convenient.

"Bring It On Back" would seem to serve as something of the anthem that someone would want to break the speed limit to as it talks about getting on his wheels and riving off down the road with no other worries in the world. The song has a bit of a pop sound to it, but sounds like free-range rock-n-roll that someone would drive 100mph down the road to.

"Tight Pants" and "Sex Appeal" are tracks about women that are found attractive. This includes everything from these women wearing tight clothes to how their bodies look in those clothes and make the men want to "take them to bed" or "do something with them". These are the classic songs that someone might have at a bar or party, or even something someone might listen to if the are after a woman that they do not currently have a relationship with.

"The Feeling Never Lies" is a love ballad that reminds someone that they have a women or significant other in their life that they cannot live without. This is someone they are madly in love with, and no matter what they fight about or argue over they will always be there for each other. This is love that they believe will last forever.

"The Madness" is the "insanity" song on the track. There are two sides to most people, and this includes this man. These people have a "good" side where people are able to get along with others, and the other side where this person is insane, mad, and crazy. Everyone feels sometimes like they or someone in this world is going insane. It feels like we have no control over it but to move aside and hope it passes in its own due time. There is nothing to do to hep these people, they have to fight their own fights including the person in this song.

"Rain's Falling" is the "heartbreak" track on this album talking about how he wants to be close to someone or something he loves, but the rain keeps falling as long as they are caught apart. He is blue and depressed, and what he will do without getting back to this person/thing he has no clue. Everyone has felt like they were so far from someone or something that meant something to them at some point before in their life. That makes this song something that to most people will be able to relate to when they would hear it!

The diverse offering on this album make "Rock-N'-Roll" quiet a sampling of various tunes that people will find applicable to different situations and moods. There is the song that makes you want to break the speed limit going down an open highway road. There are songs about sex appeal and women to be certain. There is a classic "pick-me-up" track that encourages people to go for their dreams. There is the song about people that possibly are going insane and the people around them that have to ensure watching it. This album is nothing new in rock music as many bands have attempted to give fans a "sampling platter" of topics to talk about, but BUCKCHERRY seems to give the rock fan's musical palate a good sampling of all kinds of different themes to be certain. It's considered a success. <

7 / 10


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"Rock-N'-Roll" Track-listing:

1. Bring It On Back
2. Tight Pants
3. Wish To Carry On
4. The Feeling Never Lies
5. Cradle
6. The Madness
7. Wood
8. Rain's Falling
9. Sex Appeal
10. Get With It
11. Cannonball (Bonus)
12. I've Done Everything For You (Bonus)

Buckcherry Lineup:

Josh Todd - Vocals
Keith Nelson - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Stevie D - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Kelly Lemieux - Bass & Backing Vocals
Xavier Muriel - Drums & Backing Vocals

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