Metal maniacs, rejoice! I: am proud to present to you: BUCKCHERRY; signed via Earache Records, […]
December 12, 2021
Buckcherry - Hellbound album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I: am proud to present to you: BUCKCHERRY; signed via Earache Records, hailing from the United States of America - performing Rock, on their 9th Studio Album entitled: "Hellbound" (released June 25th, 2021). Since formation in 1995; the quartet in question have 9 Studio albums, 1 Live album; 1 Extended Play, 1 Video album, and 4 Singles in their discography so far. 10 tracks ranging at around 34:32 BUCKCHERRY arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Rock developments.

Opening up with this synthetic; spoken word countdown, "54321" begins the record with groovy-laden choppiness. Amplified adrenaline boisterously bounces with trailblazing rips, surging with tight rhythms & rocking virtuosity while quintessentially steamrolling with crunchy firepower expertise which rumbles with reverberating remedy, feel-good grips that ramify with weighty punchiness amongst a jumpy revel in dance-fueled jams that synergistically lacerate a killer potency on vibrantly flamboyant chisels and harmonic but electrical energy. Consisting of vocalist front man Josh Todd; his cords element at a clean but high-pitched stability, where pipes yell with throaty roughness & funky attributes while shouty singing mobility soars with euphonic compression. "So Hott" captures an intriguing sensation of rampantly rompy yet sulfurous substance on organic songwriting musicianship. Where solidly but concretely gritty guitars fret with rapidly swift nimbleness & rhythmic dexterity from Stevie D. a dynamic but experimental finesse on old-school, pop-punk manifestation ushers on bluesy characteristics - injecting an immense amount of influential efficaciousness throughout the yesteryear while volatile precision that showcases steely calamity and stylish nuance for good measure with modernized panache.

A barrage frenzy continues shredding with rich vibrato seamlessness while sonically speedy zest supplies wildly rushing swag within the titular track, Where this mid-paced stride portrays sturdy thuds and anthemic construct as this toneful tremolo effect intriguingly shrouds you amongst these rich yet venomous slabs of which thumps out infectious bass audibility from Kelly McLemieux. Trembling raspiness stomps out with rambunctious piledriving persistency; impactfully impulsing eardrums with mellifluous pummelling, similar with the stompy slammer Billy Rowe who smacks the set with steely yet profusely robust precision. "Gun" creates catchy triggers while salubriously utilizing motoring tempos which skyrocket with steady rock 'n' roll traditionalism, chugging away with wondrously galloping frolics and hasteful juxtaposition where the second portion of the record seems to reach out with this orchestral mixture in hymn-like ballad-esque territory with "No More Lies" & "Here I Come" while overarched with fluid complexity.

"Junk" implements riffing majesty where some psychedelic momentum materializes with progressively technical swerve, where meaty maelstrom tactics rift with strong musical variety. An interior alt flair converges all kinds of vigorous sublimity while remaining transparently versatile yet vehemently effective. Another shanty yet somewhat semi ballad-esque but easy going "Wasting No More Time" conjures up softer tones similarly profound with the penultimate piano-power-ballad "The Way" which drives exquisitely with more strident raucousness, where this portion of the record offers buoyancy and euphony, while loud velocity merges these thriving foundations in borderline lyrics on personal intimacy amongst a grind of slaying revs overall concludes "Hellbound" with the distinctively distinguished finale "Barricade", immersing you with thrilling instrumental elegance that mesmerizes one with rocking masterclass prowess which flourishes delightfully all throughout.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that this was a good listen for having never really given BUCKCHERRY a try, yet with thanks to Metal Temple; I enjoyed and discovered an entertaining experience that now with this knowledge, I get why these rockers revere with such acclaim. A discovery worthy of noting for those in need of new rock music, rock is dead you say, Gene Simmons? Hardly... also a replayable spin should you crave it... do check it out.

8 / 10









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"Hellbound" Track-listing:

1. 54321
2. So Hott
3. Hellbound
4. Gun
5. No More Lies
6. Here I Come
7. Junk
8. Wasting No More Times
9. The Way
10. Barricade

Buckcherry Lineup:

Josh Todd - Lead Vocals
Stevie D. - Rhythm Guitar
Kelly McLemieux - Bass
Billy Rowe - Drums

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