In Nomine Patris


Italy knows how to do Death Metal. And why wouldn't they? They have an entire […]
By Kyle Scott
October 31, 2018
Brvmak - In Nomine Patris album cover

Italy knows how to do Death Metal. And why wouldn't they? They have an entire catacomb system literally filled to the rafters with human bones and skeletons that are thousands of years old, and they've left plague victims to die on an isolated island. BRVMAK took the creation of their Sophomore album In Nomine Patris seriously. A key component to their research were complimentary texts for analyzing the Bible, noting author Vincent Allard's Le Mysteres de la Bible as especially important.

"Preludio all Genesi" is a peculiar funeral tune to introduce a song whose name means 'creation'. It's a moving string piece that plays its mournful reels through the abandoned ruins of a haunted mansion, the laments of a ghostly choir adds a cinematic flair to the piece. But nothing overdone, it's a subdued kind of drama. "Genesis" is the creation of something clearly malevolent. Screeching vocals set against a backdrop of tense strings that fade midway through to let in sunny major notes and dreamlike, clean vocals. It's a very PINK FLOYD-esk interlude that is a numbing distraction for the harsh brap brap of Davide Lombardi's drumkit. The last residues of piece erased by the sound of a hundred zombies rising from the grave and shrieking.

If you're dying for an actual headbanger, "Tetragrammaton" has you covered. Named "consists of four letters". It's the abbreviation for the Hebrew God, translated into four letters, YHWH (Yahweh/Jehovah). I need to take this next moment to show my sincere appreciation for "Preludio all'Oblio" soley for the incredible string work of Seri Lündgren. It's a powerful interlude to carry us over to the subdued "Oblivion" and I just really love classic strings being used in metal without using any awful synthesizer noises.

"Oblivion" is a bleak ship ride through a black tar maelstrom. BRVMAK carries an air of dominance, of vindication in their powerful stride. Tracks like "Omnipotence", "Golgota", and the wartime march of "Toccata in Si minore" evoke intimidating shades of wrath for a band that plumbed the depths of history and pulled up some of the worst of humanity.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"In Nomine Patris" Track-listing:

1. Preludio alla Genesi
2. Genesis
3. Tetragrammaton
4. Preludio all'Oblio
5. Oblivion
6. Vindicate
7. Omnipotence
8. Golgota
9. Toccata in Si minore
10. Revelations

Brvmak Lineup:

Emanuele Lombardi - Bass
Davide Tomadini - Drums
Gabriele Nucci - Guitars
Serj Lündgren - Guitars, Vocals, Viola

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