Behind The Mountains


Grab your tie-dyed tee shirts and your bell-bottomed jeans and get ready for something groovy. […]
By Stephanie Hensley
July 18, 2013
Brutus - Behind The Mountains album cover

Grab your tie-dyed tee shirts and your bell-bottomed jeans and get ready for something groovy. Half Swedish, half Norwegian band BRUTUS has returned with a new album of blues soaked retro rock to transport you back to the days of peace and love.

For BRUTUS it began in 2008 when this group came together to record a duo tracked demo/EP, titled "The Graviators". It didn't take long and word of that EP began to spread. In 2010 BRUTUS followed up with the release of a self-titled full length album brimming over with plenty of psychedelic 1970s era heavy Blues Rock.

For their sophomore effort, BRUTUS has returned with nine new songs that will make you think not only is it reminiscent of the 70s Rock era, but that it was actually made back then. "Behind the Mountains" delivers again with bountiful booty shaking boogie-filled vintage Hard Rock.

Inspirations stem from GRAND FUNK RAILROAD, CREAM, BLUE CHEER, and more than a hint of early BLACK SABBATH. There's more than enough "butterfingered", psychedelic, groovy 1970s Hard Rock to make the vintage Hard Rock fan happy here. BRUTUS takes all the elements of the 70s Heavy Metal that made the music back then, make it their own, and managed to keep it new and fun.

Perfect for the music, Jokke Stenby's vocals take the forefront of each song without overpowering it completely. Throughout the album there are enough guitar solos and driving riffs to keep your toes tapping and your head bobbing. Favorites were "Big Fat Boogie", of which the name gives away what you are in store for, and the definite 70's flashback "Personal Riot". Another great track is a slower, blues filled trip titled "Blue Pills".

If your musical palette craves works by bands such as GRAVEYARD or WITCHCRAFT, chances are you will really enjoy this album. Should you be unfamiliar with these bands, the best way I can think of to describe "Behind the Mountains" is some good old fashioned blues and boogie heavy metal. Get ready for a time warp back to the days of hippies and free love. "Behind the Mountains" is groovy, baby. 

8 / 10


"Behind The Mountains" Track-listing:

1. The Witches Remains
2. Personal Riot
3. Big Fat Boogie
4. Blue Pills
5. Square Headed Dog
6. Mystery Machine
7. Crystal Parrot
8. Reflections
9. Can't Help Wondering Why

Brutus Lineup:

Jokke Stenby - Vocals
Johan Forsberg - Guitars
Kim Molander- Guitars
Knut-Ole Mathisen - Drums
Chrisitan Hellqvist - Bass

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