The Golden Age

Brood of Hatred

BROOD OF HATRED is a Tunisian Death Metal act founded in 2010 by Muhammed Mêlki, […]
April 10, 2022
Brood of Hatred - The Golden Age album cover

BROOD OF HATRED is a Tunisian Death Metal act founded in 2010 by Muhammed Mêlki, with no specific boundaries on genre or philosophies, presenting haunting atmospheres that guide the listeners through a progressive journey of unconventional writing inspired by the strange state of mind that characterizes this one-man concept. The album contains eight tracks.

"God Over Demons" leads off the album. It opens with sullen clean guitars that echo...from there it moves slowly with heavy thuds, especially from the bass guitar. Vocals come in and the production is a bit muted. The melodic elements are there but just buried a bit. The clean guitars return at the end. "Self-Destruction" begins with a more weighted and desperate landscape. Harsh vocals provide much of that sense of desperation. The drum work here is quite impressive...give a careful listen and you will hear him all over the place but also playing with tight resolve. "Genesis" opens with some odd and dissonant tones in the guitars. Some solemn melodies are built her among the very heavy sound. Let them take you away.

"Uncertainty" begins with strong Doom elements. There is definitely an undertone of Doom throughout the album. The madness retreats around the half-way point and is replaced by solemn clean guitars and some nifty bass work. The ripping your flesh sound returns through the end, with renewed notes of despair. "The Golden Age" opens with tense tones and the uneasy feeling that the beast is still out there, waiting for the right moment to attack. Throughout the song, elements of despair are woven tightly into the compositions. "The Mask of Death" is an even more desperate affair, especially from the guitar work. You feel total frustration and lash out to the sky angrily for answers that are just not there.

"The Uncarved Block" hears some of the desperation turn to pure anger and hatred. The subject is not willing to concede to his fears and insecurities, but rather raises his fists and is ready to fight back. A short instrumental closes the album, with elements of exploration and wonder. What is out there? Considering that this band is a one-man composer and performer, his talent shines. There are enough atmospheric and ambient moments that temper the aggression of his brand of Death Metal. Strong Doom elements also pepper the landscape here, dragging the sound down to someone who is just ready to pack it all up, and leave this world. You are left with feelings of pure desperation, frustration, and anger. Where do you go from here?

8 / 10









"The Golden Age" Track-listing:

1. God Over Demons
2. Self-Destruction
3. Genesis
4. Uncertainty
5. The Golden Age
6. The Mask of Death
7. The Uncarved Block
8. Astral Projection

Brood of Hatred Lineup:

Muhammed Mêlki - All Vocals and Instruments

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