Beautiful Chaos


On their third studio album BROKENRAIL have taken their previous sound, filled it with raw […]
By Liam True
December 28, 2020
Brokenrail - Beautiful Chaos album cover

On their third studio album BROKENRAIL have taken their previous sound, filled it with raw emotion along with catchy riffs and choruses. The band usually fall into Hard Rock, but on "Beautiful Chaos," they teeter on the line between that and Heavy Metal, entwining the two sounds together to create a mellow but gritty sounding output that puts them into their own league in terms of defining their sound. If you were to take ALTER BRIDGE and DIAMOND HEAD and combine them into a test tube, the result would be BROKENRAIL.

Starting with opener and title track, guitarists Dave Delacruz and Aaron Jackson give us a taste of the new riffs they've been cooking up in the studio. And with a heavy sounding riff to start the album off it gets beefed up with the powerful drums of Skylar McCain, combined with the thunderous bass of Dakotah Wright, that causes you to head bang until you get whiplash.

The soaring vocals of Blake Clawson, that change between his arena filling cleans and his club echoing snarls pulse through your ears as they drive into "California" and "Demon In Disguise". At this point you'll have picked up on one thing. The songs are as catchy as clap in a whore house, and trust me when I say that's a good thing. By the time "On My Own" and "Patterns" transcend into each other you'll have gotten to grips with the musicianship of the band and will know their every move. But they still have more to come.

"Never Be The Same," "The Haunted," and "Reignite" are the perfect end trio to the album as the band switch between their Hard Rock beginnings to their newer Heavy Metal surroundings. From start to finish the band has you hooked with their bold riffs and chorus' that you'll be humming for days on end. Although sometimes the album does feel like you can predict what the next song sounds like, and sometimes you'll be right, there's always a curveball to throw you off. A terrific album from a band that's nailed to genre's together to create a sound worth lusting after.

8 / 10









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"Beautiful Chaos" Track-listing:

1. Beautiful Chaos
2. Nightmare
3. California
4. Demon in Disguise
5. Creatures
6. On My Own
7. Patterns
8. Never Be the Same
9. The Haunted
10. Reignite

Brokenrail Lineup:

Vocals: Blake Clawson
Lead Guitar: Dave Delacruz
Rhythm Guitarist: Aaron Jackson
Bass: Dakotah Wright
Drums: Skylar McCain

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