Lying Words

Broken Lingerie

This sound is hard combined heavy rock mixed with some punk tunes, and i like […]
By JP the French Warrior
April 6, 2015
Broken Lingerie - Lying Words album cover

This sound is hard combined heavy rock mixed with some punk tunes, and i like this style of rock n roll to start this E.P. "Lying Words"...BROKEN LINGERIE is coming from Spain, and all band members are girls and i must say, I'm really surprise by these "Mujeres"! "Girls got Rhythm" as said Bon Scott 3 decades ago and he totally right! Formed in 2012 in Madrid, these young rock n' roll women pay tribute to all girls bands as THE RUNAWAY (Joan Jett & Lita Ford) or GIRLSCHOOL, and more recently bands as CRUCIFIED BARBARA or THUNDERMOTHER.

Their music style is definitely not innovative but they played a pretty energetic basic songs with great melodies and catchy guitars riff and nice choruses. These girls plays with 'cojones', if I may say here like that, maybe more than some another males rockers. Their basic rock n roll music that keeps your head bangs, and can't stop smash the ground with your foot. The two hits of this EP are, but it's my only opinion, "Mile 69" and the eponyme "Lying Words" but "Confessions", "Crucified Decay"  and "Lose Control" are in the same strong way.

Raquel "Vixx" Diaz sing with a lot of charm but with a clear strong melodic voice and performs also the rhythmic guitar, Ale "Punk" Adan's her guitars riffs reminds me, Andy McCoy (HANOI ROCK), and Johnny Ramone (RAMONES), Sara "Hate" Perez & Raquel "Crucifier" Palomo are a damn solid rhythmic session.

My advice would be to, please, continue to perform your passion for Rock N Roll, in front of a lot of audience, the best place to grow up, and please, keep these smiles on your faces, on stage. Finally, congrats girls, you're a real Female Kick Ass Rock N Roll Band, you're on the right highway but be careful, it's a long way to the top, if you wanna play Rock n' Roll!!! On my side, can't wait to listen a real complete album with an another and better production.... You deserve it!

7 / 10


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"Lying Words" Track-listing:

1. Crucified Decay
2. Mile 69
3. Lying Words
4. Confessions
5. Lose Control

Broken Lingerie Lineup:

Raquel Díaz - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Sara Pérez - Bass, Backing Vocals
Ale Adán - Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals
Raquel Palomo - Drums, Backing Vocals

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