Fighters & Dreamers

Broken Fate

From their webpage, BROKEN FATE was founded in 2007 by Tobias John Bänteli and Alessandro […]
Broken Fate - Fighters & Dreamers album cover

From their webpage, BROKEN FATE was founded in 2007 by Tobias John Bänteli and Alessandro De Cicco. After a short time, the playing technique and the songwriting were already being worked on. During this time, in addition to his own songs, he also rehearsed some covers from well-known bands such as METALLICA, which still have a major influence on their music today." The new album has 13 songs.

The title track is the first. The sound is raucous, and energetic. The main riff has a bit of a NWOBHM influence, but the vocals are raging, and the breakdown is punishing. That catchy chorus rolls around once more. "White Line" feature another easy listening riff, and I am reminded of a band such as BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, with the way they alternate melody with the harsh elements. "When Does It Come" begins with a more introspective sound. The slow down at the chorus allows the catchy elements to affect the listener more deeply.

"The Quiet Memories" is anything but quiet. It has a heavy but melodic sound...the riffs are fairly elementary on the album, but they are effective at getting their point across. "Eileen" is a curious's much shorter, and has a groovy swing to it. I get more of a VOLBEAT vibe here from this bluesy sound. "Hater" features a meaty bass line and a weighted riff. "You are a fucking hater" he declares in the chorus, with a snarly vocal sound. "Always the Same" has another energetic and raucous riff that moves quickly. "What You Want" has another rowdy and weighted sound, as the riffs pick up in intensity. A breakdown of melodic tones occurs after the second chorus, followed by a smoking guitar solo. "Your Legend" is the shortest song on the album. It's a two-minute acoustical song that shows another side of the band; their charming side. This song drips with emotion.

"The Day Has Come" closes the album, and it's the longest. The first few minutes are lively and spirited, like the rest of the album. Suddenly, the song ends, and five second later, there is a totally different sound. Overall, this album was a bit of a pleasant surprise. Although many of the riffs were straightforward, it was the unbridled energy the band brought with them, and their catchy sense of songwriting that really left a mark. If you are in the mood for a no-nonsense type of Metal sound, where the band rocks you through one spirited song after another, give this album some love.

7 / 10









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"Fighters & Dreamers" Track-listing:

1. Fighters & Dreamers
2. Devil on Earth
3. White Line
4. When Does It Come
5. Fight for That
6. The Quiet Memories
7. Eileen
8. Hater
9. Feel and Live That
10. Always the Same
11. What You Want
12. Your Legend
13. The Day Has Come

Broken Fate Lineup:

Alessandro De Cicco - Drums
Tobias John Bänteli - Vocals, Guitars
Patrick Van Gunten - Bass
Ilia Sivkov - Guitars

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