Runaway Brides

Brides Of Destruction

My sin: I decided to handle this specific promo CD for a review even if […]
By Grigoris Chronis
September 7, 2005
Brides Of Destruction - Runaway Brides album cover

My sin: I decided to handle this specific promo CD for a review even if I, in prior, had heard completely NOTHING from the Brides Of Destruction debut release, Here Comes The Brides (2003). The reasons were: a) Nikki Sixx, my personal hero in the Motley Crue gang, even if not part of BOD anymore, b) the hundreds of articles in magazines, webzines and the whole wide Net - some clearly music-related, the other more gossip-influenced, c) Tracii Guns, a vagabond of the U.S. 'sleazy' Rock scene, not a member of my beloved L.A. Guns these days. Well, listened to Runaway Brides again and again and here's my personal beliefs...
Since there can be no comparison in my ears between Runaway Brides and Here Comes The Brides I can only point out the following 'naive' facts:

  1. There is more than one style the band's trying to present. I saw Sleaze Metal in this album, I witnessed a tension for a Monster Magnet vibe, I assumed Grunge was taking its toll at some point. Not to forget, Guns 'N' Roses lurks somewhere in there also...
  2. Since I don't have sufficient info, I just believe the absence of Nikki Sixx - who's with his original band again for a so far successful world tour - is not that critical.
  3. Andy Johns was, is and will always be a mastermind behind the console buttons.
  4. I hate it when retro musicians try to stay up-to-date in other than their 'original' bands. If I want something new, I can always hear it by newborn acts.
  5. Hate it when London uses that what-the-hell-its name-is voice box.
  6. Tracii seems to be in great mood! His blend is familiar, his works marvellous in this one and his evil solo in Tunnel Of Love reminded me why I love Aerosmith.
  7. Porcelain Queen is a must.
  8. Cannot see the meaning for songs like e.g. Lord Of The Mind or Brothers. Dirty but uninspired. Dimes In Heaven would suit fine as an instrumental tune.
  9. Criminal and This Time Around could be omitted...

Harsh, huh? I know, and you should take my opinion that much into consideration. On the other hand, any objective review can sometimes lay on the blank 'prehistory' of the reviewer. If you're a fan of Tracii Guns' works then step in. If you liked (or don't) the BOD debut, I dunno... If you have money only for one album, move your ass and grab the brand new L.A. Guns album, Tales From The Strip. This, I know!

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Runaway Brides" Track-listing:

Aunt Biente
Lord Of The Mind
Dead Man's Ruin
This Time Around
White Trash
Never Say Never
Blown Away
Porcelain Queen
White Horse
Tunnel Of Love
Dimes In Heaven

Brides Of Destruction Lineup:

London LeGrand - Vocals
Tracii Guns - Guitars
Scott Sorry - Bass
Scot Coogan - Drums

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