Here Is Your God


BRIDE is an American Christian metal band formed in the 1980's by brothers Dale and […]
By Leanne Evans
February 6, 2021
Bride - Here Is Your God album cover

BRIDE is an American Christian metal band formed in the 1980's by brothers Dale and Troy Thompson. Their sound has augmented through their unflinching ability to diversify their vibe with wide-ranging musical styles over the past few decades. "Here Is Your God" is the band's 16th studio album and picks up where "Snake Eyes" left off, blending elements of BRIDE'S previous accomplishments, resulting in a metal masterpiece to add to their immensely successful catalogue.

The opening track "Demon Speed" crashes in and packs a big fat bloody punch. It's chunky, it's full-frontal and aggressively in your face. Furious riffs are served up expeditiously and bound in with deliberate bite, energising you for the rest of the album with its classic metal sound and roaring tempo; you're revved-up and supercharged! The sound is overtly heavy, grittier and MUCH more intense than previous achievements, certainly an unexpectedly welcome breath of fresh air.

A sultry andante guitar solo teases in the intro of "In My Own Time" and the track's thematic reveals itself as a pensive contemplation as it gently unravels, breaking into an up-tempo melodic riff.  Undoubtedly, this piece is the highlight of the album; with its sombre tones, reflective lamentation and Dale's authentically impassioned wrenching vocals, your heart and soul ache. The seamless transition of the sensual guitar to haunting orchestral finale heightens your emotional disposition and is simply breath-taking.

Dale spits out the lyrics of "The Unhallowed" with certitude and Troy's talent for delivering solid grooves and epic solo sections is spine-tingling. I implore you to brace yourself for 4.41 where a mind-blowing solo captivates with a mesmeric hold. Texturally, there is a real contrast and brilliance that blends, from the unremitting drums in the verses, to chunkier grooves in the chorus; BRIDE has an ability to switch their musical diversity at the click of a finger. "I Promise" is a great example that really displays the dimensions of the band's talent. The track has a distinctly different vibe, with a funkier, edgier tone with every bit of passion you expect from BRIDE. Nenel's bass creates meaty depth, Dale's gritty and abrasive rasps are projected with urgent aggression and Aposan's military-sounding drumming carries the track. Troy's guitar work is gloriously flawless and at its electrifying best.

30 years on the scene and BRIDE are STILL in the upper echelon of Christian metal. The band showcase their effortless ability to create a relatable composition to the max and "Here Is Your God" is a rip-roaring album, undeniably deserving of being in every Christian metal music collection across the world. Whilst the conceptualization of the composition feels a little like a safe bet at times, and lacks synergy between the tracks in places, the lyrics are emphatic, delivered with conviction, penetrate your soul and galvanise you into rousing action. The musicianship is enthralling and the message on the word of God is undisputedly weighty without condescension. BRIDE is proof that their enduring commitment to embracing the symbiosis of raw metal and Christianity to deliver their musings is solid enough to stand the test of time.

Die-hard BRIDE fans and newcomers to the Christian metal scene alike will relish "Here Is Your God" and appreciate the contemporary approach of the extraordinary talents of BRIDE.

8 / 10









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"Here Is Your God" Track-listing:

1. Demon Speed
2. Here Is Your God
3. In My Own Time
4. The Unhallowed
5. In the End
6. Like I Never Was
7. Shine on You
8. I Promise
9. What Will the End Be
10. Send Your Angels
11. Letter of Light
12. Burning from Within

Bride Lineup:

Aposan Alexandre - Drums
Nenel Lucena - Bass
Troy Thompson - Guitars
Dale Thompson - Vocals

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