Brazen Bull

Brazen Bull

This 5 piece band from East Anglia have created a eccentric sound that both Rock […]
By Damion Finlayson
June 16, 2021
Brazen Bull - Brazen Bull album cover

This 5 piece band from East Anglia have created a eccentric sound that both Rock and Heavy Metal fans will be choking to get their hands on their Debut Album Brazen Bull. Since their establishment in 2018 the band have already achieved so much with support slots with Higher On Maiden and Atorc And Renegade Twelve. Going Forward the band had success hooking up with Raoul Stan of Blaze Studious to create this album Blazing Bull.  This album has 8 tracks of pure rock and roll that all rock fans will enjoy and rock alongside them.

"Angel's Nails" This song gets you captured as soon as it starts as the guitars sets the mood for the rest of the song. The Vocalist in the song wants the angels to come and take him away to heaven that's my opinion anyway. This song would have everybody up on their feet and joining in creating a great atmosphere. All together in this song the bass, guitarist and vocals gel together to create the atmosphere that happens.

"In The Interest Of Humanity" The instrument's that start off this song creates a deep tone to create an intense song coming. The vocalist talks about the end of humanity and only seeing one uniform, also talks about playing a game as I would assume this game would save your life. The Instruments in this song play amazing throughout the song makes me want to get up and dance.

"Pact In Blood" from the start of the song I have felt a deep emotion that everyone is to late and everyone's deepest fears have come true. Just as I thought this was a slow deeply emotional song it changes into a anger mood with all instruments playing faster, louder and deeper. The vocalist sings about his fate has been chosen he is trapped and "Pact In Blood."

"Burn The Ships" This song starts of with a very deep tone but quickly changes into hard rock tune. This song talks about burning ships and not getting home once again it fantasises about death for everyone. Although this song is a fast tune and rhythm I feel it makes everyone think about what would happen after death? Where would we go? What would we be become? I could go on and on.

My finals thoughts on this album is I really enjoyed listening to the album and it certainly would get me up on my feet on a Friday night at a gig, but it also talks a lot about death and would we go to heaven? and what would we do?

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Brazen Bull" Track-listing:

1. Angel's Nails
2. Collapse
3. In The Interest Of Humanity
4. Pact In Blood
5.Stray Wolf
6. Circus Of Fears
7. Burn The Ships
8. The Boy And The Dancer

Brazen Bull Lineup:

Luke Green - Bass
Hayden Horsnby - Guitar
Charlie Allen - Guitar
Alejandro Martinez - Vocals
Jordan Strang - Drums

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