Give Me Strength

Branded by Pain

What's with the good old province of Quebec and quality Death Metal acts? This is […]
By Jean-François ''Jackal'' Poulin
April 16, 2019
Branded by Pain - Give Me Strength album cover

What's with the good old province of Quebec and quality Death Metal acts? This is another fine example of another great band from my home province. A few weeks back I reviewed ENIME and THE FLAYING and now this time I have the chance to review another fine band. They offer a Brutal Thrash/Death Metal onslaught and you don't have much time to breathe between songs. I had the privilege of seeing them live on Sunday the 14th of April and they deliver the same intensity live than in the studio.

This is the follow-up to 2012 debut release called ''Among the Mad''. The trio is back with an awesome EP and according to their singer, they are going back to the studio this autumn to record some new songs and on their present touring schedule, they play some new songs and I can't wait. You got to love that old school cover, Isabelle St-Pierre did a pretty damn good job and would enjoy seeing her other artworks that's for sure. It was a bit reminiscent of old school Death Metal back in the early 1990's. I was pleasantly surprised with the throwback to that particular era.

The production is very good, I think they really did a great job. Christian Poirier at The Green House did a great job in mixing the songs and took it's time to really shine and deliver. I loved each song, each has their particular sound but all have this aggression and intensity I love in Death Metal. You have some Thrash Metal elements thrown into in good measure and it really adds some texture to the songs. I will check out the first album very soon because I didn't know much about the band before seeing them live. I am kicking myself that's for sure! It won't reinvent the wheel but it's a very intense 25 minutes and will wake you up before your morning coffee!

You can buy the Digital Album on their Bandcamp page and it's well worth it. This is a local band with a lot of promise and would definitely check them out again. It's a damn shame they aren't as well-known as other bands on the local scene but they are making their name nonetheless.

8 / 10









"Give Me Strength" Track-listing:

2. Lost
3. Stand Tall
4. Toxic Veil
5. Through the Truth

Branded by Pain Lineup:

Alex Soucy- Bass and Vocals
Martin Houle - Guitars
Jim Khan - Drums

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