This album has double importance for BOWTOME, a German Death Metal band. Since they started […]
By Yiannis Doukas
September 19, 2008
Bowtome - Killer album cover

This album has double importance for BOWTOME, a German Death Metal band. Since they started in 1998 as a band, it's like a celebration of 10 years of existence except of being their debut one. For this reason Killer is divided in three parts, a chronological separation and a lyrical too.
The first seven tracks include material that was composed during the last four years and explores a concept of a serial killer. It's about Ted Bundy, a man who was arrested for the murder of twenty eight young girls and sentenced to death in the beginning of 1989. This gives a special color to their songs that are a mix of USA-oriented Death Metal (keep in mind CANNIBAL CORPSE, MALEVOLENT CREATION and mainly DEICIDE). The intro and Electric Chair keep a narrative role and (the last one with its almost sad entrance) are worth listening. Same goes to First Time Murder with a ferocious riff in the beginning, creating an interest. Rest songs surely are not bad, but their standard riffing makes them above the average but not something special or worth mentioning.
A big change will happen in the following tracks. Soldier's Revenge and Sick, Gun...Dead are songs that were composed during 2001 and were released as rough mix mp3s on their website during 2002. Much better ideas and a fast razor-edged riff in Soldier's Revenge will grab your neck. Once again I notice enough influences from DEICIDE, not only in the guitars but also in the vocals and mostly in the devilish a-demon-wants-to-eat-your-flesh ones that are like I'm hearing Glenn Benton's throat.
Multiply the previous and put also an overdose of blasphemy and we are coming to the last three songs that are easily the best in Killer. They had been recorded as a live demo CD under the 'Olivia Del Rio' title Cum On Me in 1999, including another four songs; I really want to hear them, too, because if they are in the same level I will die from headbanging! In these tracks the structure is simpler, more primitive if you want, but the power of guitars is so vigorous providing a perfect atmosphere. Bow To Me, with the SABBATH riff, is like a soundtrack of the apocalypse.  
Support the underground and if you are 'inside' Death Metal a la the American style you will find something interesting here.

7 / 10


"Killer" Track-listing:

Intro: From Cradle To Execution
First Time Murder
Playing A Bad Game (Carol)
Born Bad
Seven More Vanished
Chi Omega House
Electric Chair
Soldier's Revenge
Sick, Gun...Dead
Bow To Me

Bowtome Lineup:

Marc Etter - Vocals
Dennis Reith - Guitars
Thomas Kneringer - Guitars (On Tracks 2-9)
Andreas Mayer - Drums
Thorsten Wittek Guitars (On Tracks 10-12)
Connie Andreszka - Bass

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