Land Of Fire


It's a band who auto-titled in his social media they're Alternative Heavy Metal, but they […]
By Samantha "Samii" Mittelstaedt
November 29, 2015
Bostok - Land Of Fire album cover

It's a band who auto-titled in his social media they're Alternative Heavy Metal, but they describes their influences are in IN FLAMES, TRIVIUM and DREAM THEATER - the big names in the musical scene and they're formed as a side project with other musicians from other bands from the Castalla city, in Spain. The band name is BOSTOK and they're debuting your first album called "Land Of Fire" in November this year.

The line-up is formed by Manel Espinosa, Sergio Jaén, Joan Bernabeu, Moisés Vidal and Senent Miró but they don't make available information about the band and line-up. They play a competent instrumental, but the harsh vocals are very weird. The clean vocals - usually in New Wave Metal bands - are cool and very clear but the problem is in harsh vocals.

The artwork is excellent and answers the theme proposing in it.

The songs are heavy and as I said, the instrumental are excellent but the songs are confusing and boring to listener. I couldn't listen more than 6 tracks, but I could get the idea the band is making.

They are putting a lot of elements in their songs and it makes the mixture confuse. Progressive in some parts here, Death and Gothic Metal there makes a weird combination and makes the listener more confusing when you listener try to listen the band.

The highlights in this album - if it has anything - are "Damnation", "Evil Come To Me" and "Run Away". The other tracks, I'm trying to understand what the hell the style they're playing.

Unfortunately, I'm trying to make a constructive review, but I can't find anything to recommend this band to anyone. If you want to listen new bands, please, listen firstly this video bellow and then, tell me if I'm right or not. I just think the band is strange and I don't understand what they propose in the melody.

4 / 10

Nothing special

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"Land Of Fire" Track-listing:

1. Damnation
2. Evil Come To Me
3. Land Of Fire
4. Bother
5. To The Death
6. Run Away
7. Stop This
8. In The Shadows

Bostok Lineup:

Manel Espinosa
Sergio Jaén
Joan Bernabeu
Moisés Vidal
Senent Miró

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