What's up, Metal maniacs? I'm here once again to give you an insight on this […]
March 17, 2016
Bosque - Beyond album cover

What's up, Metal maniacs? I'm here once again to give you an insight on this one-man Doom Metal project; hailing from Portugal, France...BOSQUE, signed via Dunkelheit Produktionen.

Doom Metal has been "growing" on me ever since acquaintances of mine have got me into the likes of GEVAUDAN; SERPANT'S ATHIRST, and many others...I can't name the ones I know of at the top of my head, but they provide an original take on the Metal we know and love; it's moody, dark, and at times...atmospheric. BOSQUE (Daniel M) entail on an adventurous journey full of thrills and twists.

Though, the average newcomer will probably be underwhelmed with what BOSQUE have to offer...if I was to straight up give my opinion on it; I'd probably just say, eh, it's OK. That's not to say BOSQUE (Daniel. M) is shite, being the "do it yourself" guy that Daniel is, he is very talented to do such a project all by himself. Musically, he has the instrumental value that's top notch Doom. Although, as I play "Calling The Rain" I hear; a repetitive, ongoing track...similarly found in "Paradox", and while both tracks are around the 10-15 minute mark...I feel compelled to say that showcasing this repetitive sound just feels unnecessary, at this length of time for a song anyway.

I understand the basics of "how to" Doom - just, I've not understood the grasp of the necessity of putting out music that's there for ambient sake. When I listen to the likes of GEVAUDAN; I enjoy a groovy, but heavy take on Doom Metal, and it just feels more engrossing than listening to ambience in only just three songs that seem like they only used a few riff patterns and vocal ranges that are minimal. And while I'm at it... "Funeral" Doom is something I've yet to understand as a relevance viewpoint. However, with the negative out of the way, I still sense some "good" in BOSQUE. Daniel is the mastermind of everything behind BOSQUE which is a feat in itself, and as I approach "Enter" the atmospheric value comes in at full force; more riffs implode, and more instrumental value expose, which make me think of GEVAUDAN Doom Metal, which pleases me...

5 Doom points to me?

While I didn't find this listen amazingly fascinating; I still appreciate what Daniel M has pumped out, my few negative viewpoints are only opinionated thoughts, so it doesn't mean I think the guy sucks. However, I am but the judge. Check out "Beyond" via bandcamp and see if you think this review makes sense to you or not.

Favorite song: "Enter"<

6 / 10

Had Potential








"Beyond" Track-listing:

1. Calling The Rain
2. Paradox
3. Enter

Bosque Lineup:

Daniel M. - Everything

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