In Love With The End

Born From Pain

Born From Pain released earlier this year their 4th full album, after signing a new […]
By Dimitris T.
April 18, 2005
Born From Pain - In Love With The End album cover

Born From Pain released earlier this year their 4th full album, after signing a new record deal with Metal Blade Records. They play a mixture of Hardcore with Metal influences and though they sound like an American band, that's not true at all...
The band, originating from Holland, was founded in 1997 by Rob (Point Of No Return, Feeding The Fire, Backdraft and Wheel Of Progress) and Che. The same year they started performing live shows. Having released three CDs as well as touring with lots of bands (like Hatebreed and Madball) and performing in various festivals, Born From Pain earned their well-known reputation and that led to their singing with Metal Blade Records. With their new album the band claims to be ready to conquer the world.
Though I admit that Hardcore is not my favorite style, I was surprisingly pleased after the very few seconds I started listening to In Love With The End. It's an album full of heaviness and aggression. Right from the first track, Rise Or Die, the brutal riffs totally kick ass and there's a Thrash influence, far out from the melodic Thrash that is commonly used by numerous bands nowadays. Born From Pain with their new album make a turn back to the mid 90's Hardcore sound. The production is crystal clear and producer Tue Madsen did an excellent work so as In Love With The End to be extremely well balanced.
So here we have an album definitely capable of attracting new listeners, except from the band's followers, which should appreciate the band's new effort. Only time will tell if this new release, with the help of the record company, will help Born From Pain conquer the world. Until then, listen and enjoy...

7 / 10


"In Love With The End" Track-listing:

Rise Or Die
The New Hate
Kill It Tonight
Fear This World
Raging Heart
Dead Code
Suicide Nations
Hour Of The Wolf

Born From Pain Lineup:

Che - Vocals
Stefan - Guitar
Karl - Guitar
Roel - Drums
Rob - Bass

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