Hailing from the mighty land of Ontario in Canada, BOREALIS is about to make a […]
By YngwieViking
May 12, 2015
Borealis - Purgatory album cover

Hailing from the mighty land of Ontario in Canada, BOREALIS is about to make a strong demonstration of how the Modern Power Metal with a strong Prog tendency should be conceived in sound, how it could mature, developing itself and grow to a state of world domination!

The band's new album "Purgatory" is scheduled for release on June 19th in Europe...Later in USA & Japan!

Third time is the charm, they said...In 2011's BOREALIS released their sophomore album "Fall From Grace" (Lion Music/Hydrant) it was received very well by the fans and personally I had written some strong words and praised comments..I acclaimed this superb collection of songs, I promoted it everywhere with conviction...The progression factor between "Fall From Grace" and the first album "World Of Silence" (2008) was amazing, if such a potentially increasing boost in quality will occurs twice, the new "Purgatory" will set the threshold trigger very high for the rest of 2015...

The Music experts and the devoted fan base already know about BOREALIS and their talented genius, the immense possibilities offered by their amazing abilities...Did they succeed in their plans?

Well, Yes...After a few minutes with the blistering opening cut "Past The Veil" it seems obvious that BOREALIS and it's prodigy frontman Matt Marinelli are doing a dense impression, high class Metal with a broad range Soaring vocals under a sharpened sonic design quite balanced between the virulence of the Guitar/Drums staccato-alliance and the subtle Symphonic motifs in the arrangements, not unlike the mastery of SYMPHONY X!

"From The Ashes" contains a duet with a female guest vocalist Miss Sarah Dee...Yes it's another glorious step to demonstrate the majesty in the expressive voice of Matt Marinelli particularly jaw-dropping in "Rest My Child"/the sublime "Destiny" in a style very similar to EVERGREY or in the title track, an totally honest approach passionate to the max!

The lead guitar spots are even more impressive than before, still hyper skilled but now holding a fresh melodic target in sight ("Purgatory"/"Destiny") and carefully crafted with a beautiful and updated fat tone...Their rewarding composing method is based on the elegance of the instrumentation but also on the intensity edge of each song, as an example the complementary sequence of the emotive "Darkest Sin" that leads to the optimistic pace of "My Peace" is another clever signal concerning the superiority of BOREALIS in this overcrowded scene!

Once again with BOREALIS the drumming architecture of Sean Dowell on "Purgatory" is exceptional in the performance, notably in the fast fills break and in the demented double kick but also in the more groovy momentum ("The Chosen One"/"Place Of Darkness"/"Sacrifice") but the smart structures of the compositions are the most thrilling parameter of this album.

Their new collaboration with the high profile German label AFM was already a good presage, because the quality stamp is a regular constant in their roster and in the regular influx of monthly releases, and in fact "Purgatory" is a twelve-tracks triumphal CD : Obviously essential for every Melodic Metal enthusiast!<

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Purgatory" Track-listing:

1. Past The Veil
2. From The Ashes
3. The Chosen One
4. Destiny
5. Darkest Sin
6. My Peace
7. Place Of Darkness
8. Welcome To Eternity
9. Sacrifice
10. Rest My Child
11. Purgatory
12. Revelation

Borealis Lineup:

Matt Marinelli - Lead Vocals, Guitars
Mike Briguglio - Guitars
Sean Werlick - Keyboards
Jamie Smith - Bass
Sean Dowell - Drums
Sarah Dee - Guest Vocals

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