Forgotten Lands

Booze Control

Founded in 2009 in Braunschweig, Germany. BOOZE CONTROL, began making music. They label themselves as […]
By Crisstopher Robyn
March 5, 2019
Booze Control - Forgotten Lands album cover

Founded in 2009 in Braunschweig, Germany. BOOZE CONTROL, began making music. They label themselves as a Traditional Heavy Metal band, and seem to hold on to a more modern MOLLY HATCHET album cover. The label of traditional makes me think of BLACK SABBATH, IRON MAIDEN, just to name a couple. In the end though, a band is what they feel they are. What kind of music does the band make? I dunno. I have never heard of them before so this will be a first time listen. Will it be a last time listen? I dunno but let's give it a shot.

"Forgotten Lands" begins just like every VAN HALEN, long intros that end in Eddie's squealing. As the vocals kick in, I am given a reminder that I know who he sounds like, but I just can't figure it out. I have never been a huge fan of this era of music, although I still have favorite songs that I can endure. "Attack of the Axemen" starts out like some sort of western movie. Suddenly it kicks in, it sounds like the first track minus a few notes. I was hoping for "the axemen to attack"  and just go ahead and end my suffering. "Spellbound" starts out with an 80's METALLICA groove but the vocals give off more MOTLEY CRUE. The song has some potential, but for now it sits here in the dark like the rest of the unnamed songs. "Slaying Mantis" holds holds a bit of reprise. They seem to have found a groove where everyone fits their part. This song could be a diamond in the rough but I am not really betting on it. "Doom of Sargoth" gives to a groove a bit. It has more of an IRON MAIDEN feel. It still has the need of lacking something to help it though. "Cydonian Sands" starts out okay, but they lose me shortly after. I can't say I didn't finish it, but I didn't finish it. I tried though.

BOOZE CONTROL are an okay band, I guess. They can play but not just anywhere. Maybe if the right ear got a hold on them in the studio, they could press out some more mid 80's nostalgia, but not this time. As of now, the only place I can see the band is in a crowded bar with a bunch of drunk patrons doing covers. At least the band's name would fit unlike any of their crazy ass labeled songs.

4 / 10

Nothing special








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"Forgotten Lands" Track-listing:

1. Forgotten Lands
2. Attack of the Axemen
3. The Nameless
4. Of the Deep
5. Spellbound
6. Slaying Mantis
7. Playing with Fire
8. Thanatos
9. Doom of Sargoth
10. Cydonian Sands

Booze Control Lineup:

David Kuri - vocals & guitar
Jendrik Seiler - guitar
Steffen Kurth - bass
Lore Jilge - drums

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