Boötes Void

"The Boötes Void" is a region of space hundreds of millions of light-years in diameter […]
Boötes Void - C.O.L.D. album cover

"The Boötes Void" is a region of space hundreds of millions of light-years in diameter and containing very few galaxies, also known as a "supervoid." C.O.L.D. is the band's debut album, and contains seven tracks. "Yule" leads off the album. It begins with a slow, somewhat muted sound and a long scream. From there the sluggish riff carries your burdened body over and endless tundra of frozen snow and ice, a place where no sunlight ever gets through. "Imbolc" begins with a similar pace. At least the production isn't terrible, and the band shows some life when it comes to musicianship, which is often a problem in the genre of Black Metal. The despondent elements are nearly strong enough to do you in.

"Ostara" features a slightly angrier tone with elements of resolve. It's a word that means the spring equinox in pagan religions. The song echoes the sentiment of the opening description of what the band name means. "Beltane" is the Gaelic May Day festival. It opens with a filthy and rotten sound, unlike the moniker. Through four of the seven tracks so far, the sound remains largely the same. The slow moving song allows the despair to really seep in. This is lifeless music in the good sense of that word. "Litha" is the opposite of Yule...the mid-summer longest day of the year in the Saxon tradition. It's a shorter song with a more traditional groove.

"Lughnasadh" is a Gaelic festival marking the beginning of the harvest season. Frozen elements abound, as dire as anything you have heard. It doesn't sound like much of a celebration. Indeed, it sounds more like death than birth. "Mabon/Samhain" marks the end of summer, and effectively, the beginning of decay and death. It's a march of skeletons in an army of the dead coming to take over the world of the living. Eternal darkness comes to mind. Much like the name of the band, the album is cold, sterile, and devoid of life. Traditional Black Metal usually goes one of two ways...fast moving songs with hate and anger, or slower, cold moving songs with despair. This album is mostly the latter of the two. Many of the songs were so desperate in their message, it makes your heart ache, as if you were witnessing the death of all mankind. Overall, it was a solid listen, and also an album that I think many Black Metal fans will find to their liking.

7 / 10









"C.O.L.D." Track-listing:

1. Yule
2. Imbolc
3. Ostara
4. Beltane
5. Litha
6. Lughnasadh
7. Mabon/Samhain

Boötes Void Lineup:

Cygnus - Bass
Sagittarius - Drums
Corvus - Lead Guitars
Arcturus - Rhythm Guitars
Boötes - Vocals

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