BONES will release the "Diseased" album on September 20th 2019. If Death Metal / Crust […]
By Joseph Hausmann
August 20, 2019
Bones - Diseased album cover

BONES will release the "Diseased" album on September 20th 2019. If Death Metal / Crust is a genre that you are into then this is the album for you. The technical aspects of the music are in full force with the brutal ferocity that they bring. This album is very heavy and the bass really grounds this album in those roots. The guitars bring me back to 90s Thrash Metal while the vocals are extremely raw. This album does, unfortunately, border on a repetitive tone.

"Down" This is the gem of the album. While some of the other songs sound similar, this song breathes fresh life into this album Beginning with a mellow and dark tone, this song turns quickly to the raw power of the vocals. The instrumentals will tear you apart. It then takes a dip back to dark groove. The drums really drive this song home as the wailing guitar solo runs through the back end of this song.

"Broken Wheel" This song has the groove mixed with rough, grating vocals. The guitar riff that is throughout the song really keeps the song from losing any momentum. "Crucifier" This song starts at 60 mph and does not let up. Coming in at around 1:30, this song will leave you brutalized

"Mass Graves" The technical drumming and guitar work shine in this song. While I think this one does lose me through the end, I can appreciate the work and technique that was put into the writing of this song. "Carrion Crows" This song would be awesome as an instrumental. The heavy riffs add some serious weight to this song. The vocals just don't match up to the good instrumental work for me.

"Boozer" If Thrash Metal is your thing then this song will be for you. The riffs and driving beats will keep you wanting more through this song. The vocal work is decent and in this track, does not overpower the guitars or bass.

All in all, the technical aspects are the good parts in this album. Ranging from heavy to groove, they are decent. The vocals do have a tendency to over shadow some of this work throughout the album, meaning there was probably something in the mix. Even though the album hovers in the OK zone, I can respect the work that was put into it. Though the album can be repetitive, there are some decent tracks that will appeal to the die-hard Death Metal mixed with Crust followers.

5 / 10









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"Diseased" Track-listing:

1, Blood, Diarrhea, and Tears
2. Mass Graves
3. Carrion Crows
4. Diseased
5. Stench of the Deceased
6. No One Matters
7. Down
8. Boozer
9. Broken Wheel
10. Crucifier
11. The Future Is Now

Bones Lineup:

Joe Warlord- Drums / Percussion
Carcass Chris - Guitars
Jon Necromancer -  Bass

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