Awaiting Rebirth


BONES are a Death Metal band that comes from Belgium. In 2013 the band released […]
By Matan "Shouter" Yaniv
February 2, 2015
Bones - Awaiting Rebirth album cover

BONES are a Death Metal band that comes from Belgium. In 2013 the band released her first demo and in 2014 they released their official three songs' EP. BONES play an oldschool Death Metal by the book and by the rules that every DEATH fan grew up on, with double-kick drums, guitars and a lot of extreme elements that even can be found in Brutal Death Metal.

The first track is "Awaiting Rebirth", a classic Death Metal song that reminds the 80's bands. The basis of the song itself is just great, an exploding, energetic start that should kick ass in live concerts. It could be a hit, but the problem here isn't the song himself; it's the performance of the song.

The mechanic guitar, the weak growl and especially the horrible mix and sound that other people will think probably that it's the song that is not good, and it's a mistake. The song is even well-executed and very surprising for a new band with a EP, but the quality of the song is so atrocious that it makes it very hard for the listener to understand it.

In "Blight Upon Sodom" the problem is worse; it's almost impossible to hear something with the terrible mix that has been used. The song itself is not good as "Awaiting Rebirth", it is just repeating itself over and over again. It could be fun in the first minute but after that it's just becoming the same thing over and over again.

The performance of "Adulation of the Spheres" is a lot, and I repeat a lot, better. My guess is that it's because the band very much loved the songwriting and put much more effort into it. But can you blame them? It's a fast, loud and extremely heavy song that even touches the elements of Black Metal, but for some reason, inexplicably slows down into a painful dirge.

For the most part, the execution of the tracks are excellent, but the production of the album was such a mess, that I almost couldn't understand. The production, the recording and especially the mix of this EP was just terrible. Usually it's a problem that I ignore immediately when I'm writing a review, but this is inexcusable. I think that even if the band is talented, which they are, they still have to invest themselves into their music and to not be satisfied so easily with a lack of quality. The songs are good, but the band really needs to change something in their attitude if they want every Metalhead to hear and love the music.

7 / 10


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"Awaiting Rebirth" Track-listing:

1. Awaiting Rebirth
2. Blight Upon Sodom
3. Adulation of the Spheres

Bones Lineup:

Stef - Guitars & Vocals
Jeroen - Lead Guitars & Vocals
Viktor - Drums
Lukas - Bass

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