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BONECARVER hailing from Madrid, Spain were formed in 2020 arising from the ashes of CANNIBAL […]
December 29, 2022
Bonecarver - Carnage Funeral album cover

BONECARVER hailing from Madrid, Spain were formed in 2020 arising from the ashes of CANNIBAL GRANDPA (2013 to 2020). They play a mix of technical Deathcore and symphonic Deathcore. Their second full-length album "Carnage Funeral" was produced, mixed, and mastered by Alex Tena. It has a length of about 39 minutes, and it was released via Californian Deathcore and Death Metal specialists Unique Leader Records.

The album starts with the title song and an orchestral pre-lude with dark melodies led by the brass and a choir providing a chilling atmosphere. After around two minutes, a double-bass thunderstorm alongside crushing guitar riffs, screams and a blast-beat assault kicks in at insane speed, and the Deathcore take over proceedings. The growls and screams are mostly between the medium and higher end of the guttural range. The tempo switches frequently between the blast-beat dominated high pace and a mid-tempo rhythm led by the riffing. The track ends with the brass and a huge breakdown supported by the choir. "Carnage Funeral" is the official video release, and the YouTube link is given below.

"Ancient Atrocity" continues with the grim Deathcore carnage supported by the orchestral arrangements. The song reminds occasionally on the Demigodian era of BEHEMOTH. Focal points of the track are the guitar riffing and the vocals, which are pretty versatile with frequent changes between highly pitched screams and deeper lying growls. Another important feature of the track is the choir, which is smartly added to the track. "The Reckoning" is a mix of traditional Deathcore mixed with orchestral supported technical Deathcore. There are a lot of twists in tempo and rhythm. The vocals perform mostly at the higher end of the guttural range and include a few squeals. The final third of the track is dominated by the orchestral strings and the drums. "Thorned" starts with blistering pace and hammering blast-beats. The orchestral arrangements are more in the background, but they do provide a dark atmosphere. There is a breakdown during the final third of the track introducing a short lead guitar part.

"Pillars Of Tragedy" is one of those songs were orchestral arrangements, guitars, drums, bass, and vocals contribute equally to the track. There are twists and turns in rhythm throughout and the drumming is a frequent switch between the blast-beats and the double-bass. The orchestra is driven by the strings and the brass. "Pillars Of Tragedy" ends with another huge breakdown. "Morgue Desecrator" is a spine-chilling track with most of the parts at around mid-tempo. It is probably one of the most traditional Deathcore songs on the entire album with the orchestral arrangements almost being absent with exception of the choir and the strings towards the end of the track where they contribute to the melancholic sound framework. "The Red Wake" starts with a short pre-lude consisting of the choir and the brass, transitioning into sharp guitar riffing and hammering drums. The vocals cover again almost the whole guttural range including screams. "The Red Wake" delivers perhaps the best symbiosis of Deathcore with orchestra providing a blood-freezing sound thunderstorm. The track is one of the album highlights.

"Horror Disorder" has an epic and grim start driven by the brass, guitars, and vocals. The track is a steamroller at a sluggish tempo with breakdowns, introducing the strings during the middle of the track. At this point, there is a tempo switch towards crazy speed for a short while before transitioning back to the orchestral and riff driven epic sound. "Horror Disorder" is one of the best songs on the album. The 40 minutes Deathcore assault finishes with "Bereavement" and BONECARVER let all hell break loose. It is a firework with crunching riffs, double-bass and blast-beat assaults, epic and grim melodies jointly provided by the guitars, the strings, and the brass. A good way to end the album.

BONECARVER release a very good symphonic Deathcore album. The sound of "Carnage Funeral" is put into a chilling melodic framework driven by a smart symbiosis of thunderous riffing, hammering drumming, and dark orchestral arrangements often led by the brass. Highlights are the vocals by Fernando del Villar who has the versatility to keep the sound together and lead through the songs. The way how the orchestral arrangements were composed are evidence for a mature songwriting. The album is well produced. With "Carnage Funeral", BONECARVER raise the bar and Deathcore fans will surely like what they hear.

8 / 10









"Carnage Funeral" Track-listing:

1. Carnage Funeral
2. Ancient Atrocity
3. The Reckoning
4. Thorned
5. Pillars Of Tragedy
6. Morgue Desecrator
7. The Red Wake
8. Horror Disorder
9. Bereavement

Bonecarver Lineup:

Fernando del Villar - Vocals
Alex Tena - Guitars
Alberto Bravo ­ Guitars
Ruben Contreras - Drums
Yorck Segatz ­ Bass

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