Exiled To Earth

Bonded By Blood

Nowadays there's a tendency to revive older genres such as Glam/Sleaze and Thrash Metal. We […]
By Caterina Zoi
June 12, 2010
Bonded By Blood - Exiled To Earth album cover

Nowadays there's a tendency to revive older genres such as Glam/Sleaze and Thrash Metal. We listen to so many new bands that try to do this...But how many of them are worth listening to and have something "better than the usual staff" to offer?

BONDED BY BLOOD from California were formed in 2005 and belong to these new bands that play Thrash like the old 80s Thrash Metal bands. To tell the truth this band reminds me very very much of EXODUS which I think isn't so good. If you want to do something special you have to have some of your own style and identity. I can say that I enjoyed pretty much their previous album "Feed The Beast" just because I listened to a sound that I generally like, not because I heard a new idea or something...

I believe that the same thing happens with this album too. "Exiled To Earth" is a decent Thrash album but nothing more. Catchy, dynamic, shredding thrashy songs...But I can tell you a thousand good Thrash Metal albums. As for the concept of this CD: "The first thrash "concept" album to be unleashed on the scene in a while, "Exiled To Earth" is set 600 years into the future, telling how an alien race called the Crong have conquered and settled on Earth, wiping out most of the human species in the process. However, a small group of remaining humans begins the fight back to reclaim their planet" (taken from the Press release... I couldn't rewrite this masterpiece). OK, kinda ridiculous...

For the lovers of the genre this album is going to be just a nice album. I personally listened to it a couple of times and that's it. Nothing special. They don't even have an identity as a band.

5 / 10


"Exiled To Earth" Track-listing:
  1. 600 A.B. (After The Bomb)
  2. Episodes Of Aggression
  3. Prototype: Death Machine
  4. Prison Planet
  5. Genetic Encryption
  6. Blood Spilled Offerings
  7. Exiled To Earth
  8. Parasitic Infection
  9. Desolate Future
  10. Sector 87
  11. Cross-Insemination
Bonded By Blood Lineup:

Jose "Aladdin" Barrales - Vocals
Alex Lee - Guitar/Vocals
Juan Juarez - Guitar/Vocals
Jerry Garcia - Bass/Vocals
Carlos Regalado - Drums

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