Something's Dripping


BONAFIDE made a fuss around their name with their appearance in last year's edition of […]
By Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
October 25, 2009
Bonafide - Something's Dripping album cover

BONAFIDE made a fuss around their name with their appearance in last year's edition of 'Sweden Rock Cruise' (read the live report here) where they opened the off-shore festivities. So, this is the band's second album that is already well received by the press and has entered the Swedish charts at number 16. Even though BONAFIDE has been together as a band since 2006 they have managed to built quite a reputation especially in their home country. Many would say that this is due to the general tendency to remember some of the 'forgotten' scenes (Glam, AOR etc) but you cannot fool the fans for more than one album; can you?
Well, after listening the album several times, my answer to the previous is: No, you cannot. BONAFIDE took some of the finest elements of the Hard Rock scene and mixed them together into a fine musical blend. You can start thinking of AC/DC, KISS and -why not- the early THE CULT to get the first taste of Something's Dripping. The Angus Young sounding power chords in the album opener Dirt Bound are there to highlight my words. The AC/DC groove is also there fitting perfectly to Pontus' harsh and melodic vocals. There is also an AIRBOURNE feeling all around that shows up in the straight forward Blues influenced guitar leads and fills scattered everywhere. You might think that BONAFIDE are just following a winning recipe but you have to ask yourselves: How many bands have not tried in vain to re-produce this famous sound? Many, is the answer and few of them managed to break through oblivion.
Straight Shooters comes strong with striking KISS influences (I think I heard Detroit Rock City in the song's start) and the guest appearance of CRUCIFIED BARBARA's Mia Coldheart. This track is an energy outlet and is a perfect for warming up indifferent crowds in supporting live performances. But after additional thinking this is exactly the weak spot for Something's Dripping; although it sounds great and you have a couple of beers (and more) while listening there isn't a song that can really stand out and thus characterize this band. That's right, I am talking about music diversity and consequently originality that are really hard to find here. And this is such a big shame, since the level of musicianship is clearly top notch. You can feel it on the guitars, the vocals and the general arena Hard Rock we all love to hear. On the hand, maybe this is exactly the goal for BONAFIDE; to have a good time playing/writing music and give high fueled concert. And for this I can fully back them up! So, fill your head with Rock fill up your glasses with alcohol and have a Rock 'n' Roll time with BONAFIDE.

BONAFIDE Album Trailer!

7 / 10


"Something's Dripping" Track-listing:

Dirt Bound
Hard Livin' Man
No Doubt About It
Straight Shooters
Elvis Chapel Blues
Fill Your Head With Rock
Shot Of You
Butter You Up
Swan Song
Sicker Than I Think

Bonafide Lineup:

Pontus Snibb - Guitar, Vocals
Mikael Fassberg - Guitar
Sticky Bomb - Drums
Micke Nilsson - Bass

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