Boize (Reissue)


The once celebrated Canadian band BOIZE (pronounced Boys) get the reissue treatment of their debut 1992 […]
By Kevin Burke
November 10, 2018
Boize - Boize (Reissue) album cover

The once celebrated Canadian band BOIZE (pronounced Boys) get the reissue treatment of their debut 1992 Ep "Boize", here the re-release gets a major overhaul on sound and almost tripled the length to a hefty fourteen-tracks these, are made up of demos and single releases from the two years '89-'91 which were recorded previous to the original five-track Ep. The now defunct band who imploded within a year of this release may have finally got the album they deserved, originally BOIZE can be called victims of bad timing whereas they were a credible heavy metal outfit they did get smothered under the weight of the grunge-explosion which eclipsed many of the bands trying to break it however, even established artists suffered in the shift of the Metal market.

Listening to the music now it is hard to conceive how they had not gotten wider acclaim outside of Canada, the original five tracks groove with a sprinkle of glam-rock, from the opener "Get A Life" into "Rebel To Rules" the standard is there, the band tick away with the velocity of a Ferrari, rarely shifting gear and they sound both sharp and intense. "The Riot Inside(The Rioting Side)" is a mesh of OZZY OSBOURNE and TWISTED SISTER, It might not be as fast paced as other tracks but the loud guitar and vocal techniques give it impact, there is plenty of emotion here and not just a case of running through the numbers, at times Peter Blainey sings as if his life depends solely on it.

That leads nicely into the bonus material, which includes the remainder of the BOIZE self-released demos from 1989 later titled "The Bug", these kick-off with the thumping "I'll Still Love You", usually the case with bonus tracks they are not the same quality as the album they are attached to, that is completely the opposite here, the very reason for buying this album is for these nine added tracks.  They show a hungry young band in their infancy who sound incredibly tight and were very capable of holding their own in the world of Metal.

Their very own anthem "Boize" sounds more like the NEW YORK DOLLS than POISON, a wall of guitars is build as the song proceeds, in contrast "Give Me Your Love" is a dynamic, riff-based number which glides along stylishly and incredibly loud, indeed, every song has a different flavor of sorts, "Can't You See" holds all the quality of NWOBHM, from the opening riff to the vocal delivery. As for the album closer  "Everytime You Come Home" the aching emotion of the lyrics and not to mention the sensational guitar playing, it is 80s Glam-Metal without the cliches, solid but skillful, you get the sense it is the right music just the wrong decade. At the time of release BOIZE may have not hit the intended mark that they deserved but thankfully that is put to rights with this reissue, be aware though it is a limited release presently through Heaven And Hell Records.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Boize (Reissue)" Track-listing:

Original 1992 Release;
1.Get A Life
2.Rebel To Rules
3.In Two-Deep
4.Tired Of Liars
5.The Riot Inside (The Rioting Side)
Bonus Tracks;
6.I'll Still Love You
7.The Bug
8.Uhh Beauty
9.Out Of Your Mind
10.I Need You
11.Boize Boys
12.Give Me Your Love
13.Can't You See
14.Everytime You Come Home

Boize Lineup:

Peter Blainey - Vocals
Stéphane Fania - Bass/Keyboards/Backing Vocals
Robert Kourie - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Steve Berger- Rhythm Guitar
Scott MacDonald - Drums

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