Ultimate Abomination


BODYFARM hailing from Utrecht, The Netherlands. The traditional Death Metal outfit released two EPs and […]
March 20, 2023
Bodyfarm - Ultimate Abomination album cover

BODYFARM hailing from Utrecht, The Netherlands. The traditional Death Metal outfit released two EPs and now their 5th full-length album. "Ultimate Abomination" was mixed and mastered by Yarne Heylen (BARK; SISTERS OF SUFFOCATION) at Project Zero Studios Belgium. It has a length of more than 43 minutes, and it was released via Norwegian label Edged Circle Productions, which has mainly Black and Death Metal bands among their current roster.

The Death Metal assault starts with "Torment" and the opener has everything the traditional Death Metal maniac would hope for: aggression, speed, crushing guitar riffing and bass lines, and flesh-ripping lead guitar parts and solos. The growling vocals are around the medium end of the guttural range. "Torment" reminds me a lot on the Swedish Death Metal school and so does "Symbolical Warfare", which keeps the momentum going in terms of the pace and anger. While "Torment" was a pummeling at the same pace throughout, "Symbolical Warfare" has a bit more tempo and rhythm changes towards mid-tempo, but also a few blast-beat parts. The guitar riffing and the lead guitars drive the song and provide a grim melodic framework. A crunching bass introduces the short mid-tempo break, which is followed by a frantic finale of the track. "The Wicked Red" is a mid-tempo hammering, which sounds a bit different compared to both opening tracks in terms of the riffing. The melodies are spine-chilling and driven by the lead guitars. There are a lot of rhythm twists throughout the track and highlight is the excellent drumming of David Schermann. "The Wicked Red" is the official video release, and the YouTube link is given below.

"Blasting Tyranny" raises pace and aggression. The song is played at a fast pace and it is very direct and simple with the guitar riffing. There are a few blast-beat driven parts with epic melodies provided by the lead guitars. The extended lead guitar solo is very contributing and highlight of the track. "The Swamp" starts with a string-driven pre-lude and transitions into a slow and epic track with blood-freezing melodies. The song is driven forward by a stomping rhythm, the thunderous riffing, and the double-bass drumming. "The Swamp" is a very different track compared to the more direct songs on the album. It is doom-laden track with epic moments and the lead guitar contributions are highlight of the track. "The Swamp" is with almost seven minutes not only the longest track, it is also one of the best tracks on the album. "Carving Repentance" is the trademark Death Metal attack of BODYFARM: the verse parts at a fast pace with plenty of aggression and tight riffing while the chorus parts switch to mid-tempo. The break comes with very powerful riffing at a slow and measured pace, where the melodies are spine-chilling. The lead guitar parts are very contributing especially towards the end of the track and provide a great end of the track. The darkness continues with the head-banging "Empire Of Inquity" and tight riffing where the melodies have a few oriental vibes. It is perhaps the catchiest song on the album with great riffing and lead guitars. "Empire Of Inquity" has all the ingredients to become a fan favorite and it should not miss out on the BODYFARM setlists.

"Soul Damnation" is a mid-tempo song with direct and simple riffing. The lead guitars start contributing quite early to the track and drive the song forward during the break at a slow and measured pace. "Sacrilege Of The Fallen" is another bone-chiller at mid-tempo. While the monotone riffing during the verse parts provides the dark atmosphere, the riffing combined with the double-bass drumming during the chorus parts let the listeners blood freeze. The break increases pace and intensity with the lead guitar solo being the highlight of the track. The album closes with "Charlatan Mesiah" and it is a frantic end at crazy pace, blast-beat parts, direct, aggressive, and sharp riffing, and cool lead guitars. There are a few twists in pace and rhythm throughout the track, but a the end, it all comes down to a finale at blistering pace. It is a great way to end the album.

BODYFARM deliver arguably one of their best albums to date. "Ultimate Abomination" is excellent from the top to the bottom. It is pure traditional Death Metal without any compromise, but with enough diversity in sound to keep it fresh and dynamic. The album follows a direct and aggressive Death Metal approach, it is not overly technical, but with sufficient technicality to keep the melodic sound framework comprehensive. The songwriting is very mature, and the album is well produced. BODYFARM set the bar very high for this year's Death Metal releases, and I would not be surprised if "Ultimate Abomination" were part of various Best of 2023 lists.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Ultimate Abomination" Track-listing:

1. Torment
2. Symbolical Warfare
3. The Wicked Red
4. Blasting Tyranny
5. The Swamp
6. Carving Repentance
7. Empire Of Inquity
8. Soul Damnation
9. Sacrilege Of The Fallen
10. Charlatan Mesiah

Bodyfarm Lineup:

Ralph De Boer - Vocals, Bass
Bram Hilhorst - Guitars
Alex Seegers - Guitars
David Schermann - Drums

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