Mystic Massacre

Bode Preto

BODE PRETO is a Bestial/Black Metal band based out of Brazil. Formed in 2010, this […]
Bode Preto - Mystic Massacre album cover

BODE PRETO is a Bestial/Black Metal band based out of Brazil. Formed in 2010, this is the band's second full-length album, and contains 14 tracks. The entire running length of the album is just over 29 minutes...most tracks are around the two minute mark. A brief "Intro" leads to "Deep Reality." That infamous "wall of sound" is strong from the start. The pace is quick and the vocals are done in a lower range for the genre. "Dark Obsession" brings more of the same. The relentless blast beat drums provide much of said wall in this sound. It isn't until the one-minute "Maze of Mirrors" that we hear even a little variation. In this case is pertains to the rhythm of the vocal delivery. The title track delivers this consistently evil and spastic energy in about the same manner as the previous tracks, though at nearly three minutes in length, there is room for some riff variation and a long fade out where the sound drops off almost completely.
"Dirty Honey" dials up the macabre a little more mainly with the echo from the vocals. The resulting effect is almost like listening to a voice inside your head that commands you in demonic tongue and you cannot make it stop. "Unknown Woman" is markedly the same as many of the tracks so far and it is becoming obvious that there isn't going to be much of any variation in songwriting approach. "Wraith/The Stage and the Meadow" is four minutes long which leaves some room for some diversity but it left not taken advantage of. I understand when bands have a core sound and want to stick with that but when you have ten tracks nearly identical in length and sound on one album you just aren't pushing yourselves as musicians in my opinion.
"Feet of Clay" goes into deeper vocal territory and a brief lead guitar break but the metronome would register the same pace as previous tracks. "Lethargy" features a riff that is a little different from some of the others on the album but doesn't stray off the general path. Overall though I recognize that purists in this genre want to hear a very specific sound, and BODE PETRO have delivered this traditional sound, the album is just too homogenous for me to enjoy to the fullest.


5 / 10









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"Mystic Massacre" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. Deep Reality
3. Dark Obsession
4. Maze of Mirrors
5. Mystic Massacre
6. Dirty Honey
7. Absurds of Violence
8. Unknown Woman
9. Wrath/The Stage and the Meadow
10. Seizures of Fear
11. Parade
12. Feet of Clay
13. Lethargy
14. Outr

Bode Preto Lineup:

Josh S. – Vocals, Guitar
Rodrigo F. Magalhaes – Bass
Angeldust – Drums

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