Zombie Society

Bloody Invasion

Hailing from Brandenburg, Germany, BLOODY INVASION violently beats the drums of war and death on […]
By Kyle Scott
February 21, 2019
Bloody Invasion - Zombie Society album cover

Hailing from Brandenburg, Germany, BLOODY INVASION violently beats the drums of war and death on their first official full-length debut, Zombie Society. Three guesses as to what the album's theme revolves around ("We Need Extinction" probably gives it away)... Since Brandenburg is right in the middle of Hamburg and Berlin, it's a perfect Heavy Metal hub that boasts its own local festivals such as Protzen Open Air and plenty of smaller concert events. A perfect environment for a band like BLOODY INVASION to thrive and infect. Zombie Society rolls through the metropolis on jagged steel treads that claw up the roads behind them, ensuring that no one can either follow or find their path.

The opening, self-titled track is full of post-apocalyptic news broadcasts and forboding bass lines preparing for the incoming audio assault. A child's scream starts off "Normal Course of Life" and sends Vocalist Max down into a metal chute filled with razor wire and broken drum cymbals. We are taken from dilapidated, zombie-invested cities to the primal psychotic realms hidden away in the woods in "Bloodred Forest"; a song pierced by weird howls, black metal acoustics and terrible troll growls. There is apparently much worse hiding in the metropolis' outskirts with a lot more to worry about than just undead masses...

The attitude of the album goes from already forboding and violent to "Seriously Out to Break Some Bones" in "Neckbreaker". The energy isn't even overly aggro on this particular track; it's very stalker-ish with slow, calculated beats and repetitive, dissonant chords. Way more threatening. This slow, calculated anger follows through on the remainder of the album's run time. In BLOODY INVASION, there is hatred and barely-contained rage that, while it doesn't unleash itself by violently exploding, it quietly oozes out and eats into the floorboards until it seeps into the concrete foundation. BLOODY INVASION is going to survive the ensuing zombie overtaking, provided they don't accidentally (or intentionally) bring it on.

8 / 10









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"Zombie Society" Track-listing:

1. Zombie Society
2. Normal Course of Life
3. Bloodred Forest
4. We Need Extinction
5. Metropolis
6. Neckbreaker
7. Sickness
8. In Chains

Bloody Invasion Lineup:

Didi - Drums
Christian Meissner - Guitars
Marek Rockel - Guitars
Max - Vocals
Martin - Bass

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