Dying is Easy

Bloody Falls

From Art Gate's webpage, "This five-pieced killer combo was formed back in 2017 in the […]
February 14, 2023
Bloody Falls - Dying is Easy album cover

From Art Gate's webpage, "This five-pieced killer combo was formed back in 2017 in the city of Valkeakoski (Finland). Their explosive sound combines all kind of elements of the most Extreme Metal genre, including blasting drums, epic passages and memorable guitar riffs that will make your head explode in a million pieces. Old school meets contemporary elements giving as result the unique sound of BLOODY FALLS. This new EP has five songs.

"Dancing with Flames" is the first cut. Out of the gate is a heavy, slow riff, with full, rich vocals. At times they are screams, while other times they are deep gutturals. The guitars drive much of the sound. "Death by Hanging" begins with some guitar melodies, but dives right back down into the pit of Hell, with a brutal, punishing sound. The riffs are very sturdy, unlike a lot of Extreme Metal. The title track begins with spoken words before the segue to another slow, weighted riff. The riff lets just a bit of melody out...enough to pepper the song, season it if you will.

"Face Your Demise" features another lumbering pace and some backing ambiance. Amp up those background elements I say...it could really help to augment the sound. The pace quickens at the half-way mark, to a frenzied headbanger. "Reaper is my Neighbor" closes the EP. The beginning is a bit different, and the riff has an Industrial quality to it. The bends are interesting as well. I get the distinct feeling that this band is capable of better creations. The five songs are fairly uniform, and the riffs are very similar. The vocalist however has a really nice command, and a versatile voice. They are not short on musicianship either. This is a band to keep an eye on for sure.

7 / 10









"Dying is Easy" Track-listing:

1. Dancing with Flames
2. Death by Hanging
3. Dying is Easy
4. Face Your Demise
5. Reaper is my Neighbor

Bloody Falls Lineup:

Antero Hakala - Vocals
Stavros Mathios - Guitar
Marko Mäkinen - Guitar
Mika Lehtinen - Bass
Rami Vartiainen - Drums

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