Finn thrashers BLOODRIDE are back with their second album "Bloodmachine". Having heard 'em back in […]
By Kostas Kiriakis
April 24, 2014
Bloodride - Bloodmachine album cover

Finn thrashers BLOODRIDE are back with their second album "Bloodmachine". Having heard 'em back in 2011 with their debut "Crowned in Hell", they really made an impression on me back then, and I was waiting in anticipation for their follow-up.

For those unaware, BLOODRIDE are pure old-school Trash Metal mixing Teutonic sounds (DESTRUCTION anyone?) with Bay Area aesthetics and beyond, kind of reminding me SEPULTURA's thrash days, without being copycats at all.

That being said, "Bloodmachine" follows true in what I said above. There are plenty of rewarding moments there for any self-deserving metal head, from the opener "Battered" and "Horror Has A New Prey", to "Bloodmachine", "Massacre My Icons" and the hell-driven closer "Fight The Fear".

However the rest of the album moves in more shallow waters, with the vocals being one-dimensional at times. It's not bad, but you can find better samples of Thrash Metal elsewhere. It's ironic that one of those places is their debut. But still I bear them no grudge, BLOODRIDE are true to their calling, and really enjoyed "Bloodmachine".

Good listen for any Thrash-lover (like myself), but they can do better. They have done so in the past, I expect they will again.


7 / 10


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"Bloodmachine" Track-listing:

1. Battered
2. Taken Over
3. Horror Has A New Prey
4. Defiled Within
5. Deadlights
6. Bloodmachine
7. Massacre My Icons
8. Downfall
9. Satan ́s Luck
10. Fight The Fear

Bloodride Lineup:

Jykä Leskinen - Vocals
Simo Partanen - Guitar
Teemu Vähäkangas - Guitar
Esa Pennala - Bass
Petteri Lammassaari - Drums

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