Blues From The Red Sons


OK, let's go ahead and address the "elephant in the room" so we can get […]
By Jeff Legg
October 7, 2016
Bloodnut - Blues From The Red Sons album cover

OK, let's go ahead and address the "elephant in the room" so we can get on with the task at hand; bloodnut is an Australian term meaning, "a person with red hair; a redhead". But in regards to this album review, BLOODNUT is a Stoner Metal band from Auckland, New Zealand, consisting of Doug McFarlane on vocals and bass, Doug Robertson on guitar, and Ty Boniface on drums, and yes, all three have red hair and they are commonly referred to as a "band of gingers". Legacy member Nick Smith on guitar, was an integral part of the writing and recording process on the new album but was replaced by Robertson shortly after it was completed.

Now that we have the small talk out of the way, lets get down to business. On September 10th, 2016, BLOODNUT released their debut album titled "Blues From The Red Sons", and it's no coincidence that the title is strikingly similar to that of KYUSS' 1992 album, "Blues for the Red Sun", as the Palm Desert, California based band is one of their biggest influences. And it's these influences from KYUSS, as well as CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, SLEEP, and EYEHATEGOD that are unmistakably prevalent from start to finish on BLOODNUT's introductory slab of metal. Although they're from New Zealand, these Kiwis sound like they were raised in and around the murky, moss infested swamps of southern Louisiana. There's no ground breaking material here; no new twists or technology driven advancements; just genuine untainted heaviness. And isn't that just how we want it? When I want sludge, give me sludge; straightforward down-tuned, groove-laden sludge that leaves no question that the passion these guys play with comes straight from their soul. And that's just what BLOODNUT delivers.

On "Blues From The Red Sons", you're introduced to a band that seems like they're ready, willing, and able for the next big step in their music career. From the mostly instrumental opening track, "Agent Orange in the Eyes of Thine Enemies", to the final three-part tracks, "The Battle of Bannockburn Part I: Valhalla", "The Battle of Bannockburn Part II: Send in the Berzerkers", "The Battle of Bannockburn Part III: Beneath the Kilt", this chugging riff-fest is loaded with bass heavy, distorted rock n' roll that could easily have BLOODNUT playing to larger crowds on larger stages than they're accustomed to. McFarlane's vocals are mostly gruff and thick with plenty of power to boot, characteristics that are a prerequisite of Stoner Metal. Throughout these 11 songs, BLOODNUT's songwriting prowess is front and center with a great mixture of contrasting tempos, breakdowns, and overall mood swings, proving that this band is no "one-trick-pony". Their future is loaded for success and they possess the potential to, sooner than later, be mentioned among the cream of the crop in the Stoner/Sludge/Desert Metal sub-genres.

Don't get me wrong, these guys have some things that need to be polished up a bit, but with a debut album that is this good, they're already off to a great start. I believe their biggest obstacle in the future will be themselves. But if they can stay creative, all three of them remain on the same page, musical and mentally, and if they can assemble a good promotions team that can help them into some key exposure situations, their music will do the talking and the sky is the limit. In the not so distant future, BLOODNUT could be a band that younger musicians consider a mentor and be referenced as influential in their careers. "Blues From The Red Sons" is a can't miss for any fan of Stoner Metal...<

8 / 10


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"Blues From The Red Sons" Track-listing:

1. Agent Orange (in the Eyes of Thine Enemies)
2. Drop Dead Redhead
3. Vitamin D
4. The Amber Reign Remains
5. Witches Mountain
6. Subtlety in the Street
7. Fire Giant
8. The Red Face Blues
9. The Battle of Bannockburn Part I: Valhalla
10. The Battle of Bannockburn Part II: Send in the Berzerkers
11. The Battle of Bannockburn Part III: Beneath the Kilt

Bloodnut Lineup:

Doug McFarlane - Vocals, Bass
Ty Boniface - Drums
Doug Robertson - Guitar
Nick Smith - Guitar

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