Black Mass


Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: BLOODLUST; signed via Iron, Blood And Death […]
June 7, 2019
Bloodlust - Black Mass album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: BLOODLUST; signed via Iron, Blood And Death Corporation, hailing from Colombian grounds - peforming Speed Metal, on their debut album entitled: "Black Mass" (released 30th of April, 2019).

Since formation in 2012; the band in question have an EP, 2 Splits and this here debut album in their discography so far of which the latter being the one I am introduced to. 8 tracks ranging at around 39:53; BLOODLUST arrange an intricately designed formula of heavy-hitting Speed Metal developments. "Black Mass (The Witches Night)" begins the record; with a spoken ritual of turning innocent blood into evil, until an amplifying contrasts explodes with chugging adrenaline & galloping chaos - bouncing with boistrously crunchy harmonies, composing diligently fast flamboyancy. Frenzied haste, frantically frolicking with extreme aggression and a blistering barrage of meticulous mayhem - manifesting thick, nasty rhythms that scream with vengeful savagery. Making this a concretely gnarly influence to KREATOR & TOXIC HOLOCAUST.

Consisting of Jhon López on the audible bass/vocals; the frontman demonstrates a complexly gritty fabrication of consistently driven lungs in which almost mimic Mille Petrozza & Joel Grind in his own respectable style. "Demonized Wheels" inject infectiously groovy catchiness; flared with fluidly polished pursuits of rampaging stampedes that stomp like a fierce berserker out for blood; Julian Rengifo on guitars excels with dexterously creative dynamics, diversed into inventively immersive elements that thunder with profusely relentless ramifications - seamlessly showcasing riveting nimbleness of rapidly swift succession. "Necrovision" provides vehement ultilizations of uniquely solid sharpness; portraying sonic stability that subjugates robust transistions of prodegious yet progressively quintessential technicalitiles that are adroitly distinctive.

Battering drummer Santiago Lozano hammers his cymbals and steel with killer fuel; forging constructively distinguished craftsmanship, pounding with pummeling slams that thump with meaty yet monstrously organic substance. "Lucifer (The Bringer Of Night)" supplies rambunctious melodies of ominously sinister perseverence; keeping the borderline foundation of blackened thrash metal speed in full-throttle tradition, no compromises nor restraints. "The Dark" attributes atmospherically thrilling songwriting memorability; roaring shreds of razor-ripping potential, terrorizing talent that rages with variety yet soars with raspy shrieks and shocking virtuosity – amalgamating a deadly implementation of jumpy instrumentation & mad musicianship - good for boosting motivation.

"Incantation Of Sin" embellishes on experimental domination; bombastic blitzkreig, and a blended aesthetic of firepower and expertise... establishing finesse, and a momentous velocity of rigourous tempos that rush with wildly scorching hostility. "Black Souls" embodies hardened hymns of ruthless precision; revolved with shotgun blasts, explosive effectiveness, and lightning bolt lacerations in which wonders with war-like material. Overall concluding "Black Mass" with the epic finale song: "The Grave Digger - Animero"; I am compelled to say that BLOODLUST certainly outdone themselves with this one, and has now broadened my horizons to discover more Speed Metal hysteria. If you love your dosage of MUNICIPAL WASTE, and the 2 aforementiond bands I mentioned above - this one will definitely please you - good shit!<

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Black Mass" Track-listing:

1. Black Mass (The Witches Night)
2. Demonized Wheels
3. Necrovision
4. Lucifer (The Bringer of Night)
5. The Dark
6. Incantation of Sin
7. Black Souls
8. The Grave Digger - Animero

Bloodlust Lineup:

Jhon López - Bass, Vocals
Santiago Lozano - Drums
Julian Rengifo - Guitars

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