Black Grimoire

Blood Ritual

What can I say about such releases? Death Metal has already had enough of this […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
May 11, 2006
Blood Ritual - Black Grimoire album cover

What can I say about such releases? Death Metal has already had enough of this evil bad image. Please, no more Satanists with the Someone killed my parents look! This genre has to move on! This is a cry out for help! Someone! I need a decent release!
Blood Ritual were founded in 1991 by Tim Bishop, a member of Church Of Satan. Their first name was Impiety, but they established their current name in 1992. After several lineup changes and their debut release in 1997 by Moribund, At The Mountains Of Madness, Blood Ritual entered the studio to release Black Grimoire. The album was engineered by James Murphy.
By seeing the name James Murphy, I expected a really good sound and a Death Metal monster to come out of my speakers. I guess I was a bit wrong. First of all I would like to say that Blood Ritual is a good band, but it seems they are a bit out of date. Old school Death Metal to the bone! Regarding the sound, it's raw and I could also say a bit dry. This precise genre needs a more heavy production. So, the sound is of Black Grimoire's weak points. The tracks are pure Death Metal without many modern and false elements (note: don't blame me, I don't consider progress to be false). Deeply influenced by bands such as Morbid Angel and Immolation, Blood Ritual deliver an uncompromising release full of antichristian blasphemies.
Except from the raw part of the record, which is the characteristic factor in every single track, you can also find some great melodies scattered here and there, something that makes the tracks sound more tight and strong. Despite their underground attitude, Blood Ritual have managed to support titans of the genre like Incantation, Obituary and Six Feet Under. I wouldn't like to comment on what heir label says. At the label's official website, it is mentioned that Blood Ritual were always equal to their headliners and sometimes even outshined them! I respect them as a band, but can't they just respect the above names? Even though I am in full support of the underground, I don't think that they will ever be able to outshine these Death Metal beasts.
So, this is a release that applies only to the hardcore fans of the genre. If you belong in that category then do not hesitate to invest some money on Black Grimoire.
Also available as a limited edition with deluxe A5 hardback digibook with embossed cover, featuring alternate cover art, additional artwork, expanded lyrics, expanded ritual text (what the fuck???) and accompanying liner notes.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Black Grimoire" Track-listing:

Invocation Of Satan
Statement Of Baalzebub
Ritual Of Lust
Destruction Ritual
Hand Of Glory
Summoning The Unholy War
Ur Song
Creation Of Lilin

Blood Ritual Lineup:

Tim Bishop - Guitars & Vocals
Neil Wong - Drums

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