IV: The Declaration of War Eternal

Blood Of The Wolf

From their EPK, "BLOOD OF THE WOLF" return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions the […]
January 10, 2023
Blood Of The Wolf - IV: The Declaration of War Eternal album cover

From their EPK, "BLOOD OF THE WOLF" return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions the new album "IV: The Declaration of War Eternal." Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, they continue their reign of terror, unleashing nine new blistering offerings of Blackened Death Metal fury. "IV: The Declaration of War Eternal" showcases the bands strongest material to date full of savage riffs, incessant blast beats, dark melodies and intense vocals, executed with cruel martial precision. The album has nine songs.

"With Lightning for Vengeance" is the first. Yeah, this is a hardened and aggressive mix of Black and Death Metal, but without one really overbalancing the other. Whoever is on the kit is a machine...literally, it could be? His blast beats are faster than one can blink. "Domination Decree" is a blistering and frightful affair from the opening note clear through the end of the song. This is a "take no prisoners" type of sound. "The Sword Everlasting" is another scorcher. It's the kind of fire that is lit with a torch and burns hot and quick due to all the accelerate used in making it. The fifth song is called "Their Blood is our Warpaint." The guttural vocals accentuate the deep, dark riffs, which spring to life every now and again before retreating to the shadows.

"Ritual Overkill" is another blast of fiery air in your face, scorching off your skin and leaving only charred bones behind. The vocals are more earnest and uncompromising. The guitar solo features some dive bombs. "I am the Blade of Eradication" is another deep and dark song that burns with the cold of a white fire. Your skin will begin to blister as you feel agonizing pain and realize that you are burning alive. The title track closes the album, and it's the longest song, clocking in at five minutes. When five minutes is considered a long song, you know the tracks are packed with sound bites. Indeed, what they band is able to squeeze into each song is actually quite amazing. The only real issue I have here is the unrelenting nature of the music. Don't look for any slower song, or certainly no ballads. This is in your face, Extreme Metal, to the nth degree. But, it causes the listener to wear out after too long. For this reason, it's a mediocre album for me.

5 / 10









"IV: The Declaration of War Eternal" Track-listing:

1. With Lightning for Vengeance
2. Father War Enthroned
3. Domination Decree
4. The Sword Everlasting
5. Their Blood is our Warpaint
6. From Kingdom to Collapse
7. Ritual Overkill
8. I am the Blade of Eradication
9. The Declaration of War Eternal

Blood Of The Wolf Lineup:

Mike Koniglio - Vocals, Guitars
Frank Garcia - Guitars
Christopher Grimes - Bass

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