Blood's Thicker than Love

Blood of the Sun

The Texas heavy rockers are back. It's been six years that they put out "Burning on […]
By Martin "Doomed" Desbois
November 22, 2018
Blood of the Sun - Blood's Thicker than Love album cover

The Texas heavy rockers are back. It's been six years that they put out "Burning on the Wings of Desire." Vasquez (SAINT-VITUS drummer) with Gryder and Vargas are back .Recorded at The Lair in Arlington, Texas, these six tracks are rocking their way brilliantly. The first song "Keep the Lemmys Coming" is a tribute to MOTORHEAD's Lemmy Kilmister, who unfortunately died and if you didn't know that yet you were on a vacation in another galaxy or just plain dead. Great opening track. The second track "My Time" starts it all with COW BELL! The organ is once again a major actor of the song, and Vargas singing is a cool and inviting way...a little harsh but mostly clean. The guitar lines are melodically rocking it all. The guitar is a little repetitive, the vocals are doing the melody pretty much and some nice little solos here and there add much feeling to the song teamed with pounding drums and the organ's complicity. The last two minutes induce a faster tempo and energy deployment to push us to the great finale.
"Living for the Night" is a great moving one. It reminds me of old MR. BIG song "Addicted to that Rush" in the way its delivered. I can't help it I heard this one four times and i always get that "souvenir". The guitars offer pretty much more here while the organ is more linear but offers great moments too, with great Energy. "Air Rises as you Drown" begins with fast drumming, space rock-like keyboard ala HAWKWIND.  Man we're back in the 70's. Thanks for the time travel! The vocals are quite different here, two voices can be heard and I'm not sure who sings with Vargas here but it's interesting heavy rock as its best. Beating is the heart of pure heavy rock! Stoner-like riffs can be heard, with demented solos. Call the police and call the firefighters my heart is on fire!
"Stained Glass Window" delivers crazy guitars, fast and furious then slowly crawling into the blurry swampy blues. Once again the vocals are powered by cool effects reminding me of Ozzy. Incredible inspired stoner rock. Roll one light it up and power the volume to 11 majesty. THIS IS PURE ROCK. "Blood of the Road" is sounding like THE DOORS on speed. Psychedelically fast,the  keyboard playing is amazing. The bass and the drums are doing the trick while the keys are hypnotizing the listener, until it explodes in a maelstrom. The organ I set on frenzy mode. The guitars are contagious,and the party is on! They are amazing musicians, but I need more as six songs are not enough!

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8 / 10









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"Blood's Thicker than Love" Track-listing:

1. Keep the Lemmys Comin'
2. My Time
3. Livin' for the Night
4. Air Rises as you Drown
5. Staned Glass Window
6. Blood of the Road

Blood of the Sun Lineup:

Henry Vasquez - Drums, Vocals
Dave Gryder - Keyboards
Wyatt Burton - Guitar
Alex Johnson - Guitar, Vocals
Roger "Kip" Yma - Bass
Sean Vargas - Vocals

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