Complete Execution (Re-mastered)

Blood Money

Hailing from Manchester, England, BLOOD MONEY (formed from the ashes of WOLFBANE) were the ultimate […]
July 24, 2023
Blood Money - Complete Execution (Re-mastered) album cover

Hailing from Manchester, England, BLOOD MONEY (formed from the ashes of WOLFBANE) were the ultimate NWOBHM cult act, playing frantic thrashing heavy metal at a breakneck pace like no one else. "Complete Execution", set for release on August 25, 2023 is the complete collection of all existing recordings by BLOOD MONEY. It features remasters of both of their studio albums, "Red Raw and Bleeding" (1986) and "Battlescarred" (1987) plus demos from "Metalyzed" (1985) and radio live tracks, and a scrapbook zine with photos and other materials. The demo/live LP and the zine are available in the box set only. Being active during the latter days of the NWOBHM movement, BLOOD MONEY took more influence from speed metal bands like AGENT STEEL and the unpolished punk metal of early VENOM than the classic rock groups and BLACK SABBATH that influenced their earlier style. Recommended for anyone into obscure but great 80's metal. This compilation is approved by the band, and puts the stamp of the last, and perhaps the final word on BLOOD MONEY, containing every song the band left on tape during their short lifespan in the late 80's. Son of a bitch, thirty-two songs about violence, death and myths to review. That's quite the task, so let me get my most comfortable chair, grab a bottle of Jack, a bag of chips and get cracking.

Well, I think my best option to tackle this review is by each album separately, the live recordings and the demo's. So we'll start out with the album "Red Raw And Bleeding" and opening up furiously with an earful of pounding riffs and a paralyzing backbeat of stampeding drums and lighting fast guitar licks. My first impression of the vocals is of a screaming Dave Meniketti (Y & T) wannabe , that's gonna need some improvement moving forward. Had to check out "N.Z.F.E.D.K." if nothing more than curious from the confusing track title and turns out it's a confusing song as well. Again with lighting fast riffs and licks and vocals that sound like they were recorded in a tin can. Nothing here to see folks, move along. With the remaining seven songs all sounding in the same vein of punk meets speed metal and with twenty-two more songs waiting, I move on to the last song of this album "Death Heavy", and of course, no real change in music style. So on I venture to the second album "Battlescarred" and jumping right into the title track "Battlescarred", with high velocity of muzzled, fuzzy riffs and a simpler rock sound and tempo, letting me give the Tylenol a rest for one song. "The Legend (Agharti)" gets right to the point with a dose of high-pitched vocals smattered over swift riffs and stonking backbeat of drums and bass, a song that actually started out promising but ended up nowhere. The last song of this album is "Evil Bitch" and of course, it has a MOTÖRHEAD feel throughout, I would have expected nothing less, and it is my favorite song I've heard so far of the twenty songs, they administer a more engaging tempo and a cool buzzsaw riff  with a nice rapid-fire delivery. Well my bottle of Jack is empty and I've run out of chips, so let me replenish before I dive into the demo's and "live" tracks. Breaking news, the demo tracks from "Metalyzed", all eight of them are pretty much pure speed/thrash/punk, much more in that genre than on the two full length albums I reviewed. Get the mosh pit ready, I'm on to the "live" radio tracks. No surprise here, all four tracks delivered a breakneck, bombastic, vigorous and filthy speed metal pummeling, punch you in the face tempo.

Yes, I was harsh on BLOOD MONEY, they are most definitely influenced by punk and speed metal. I would have enjoyed this complication of thirty-two songs more if they mixed in a little of 80's metal. Yes, their compositions are wild and uninhibited, without attempting to veer off and try some other contemporary or emerging sound. I guess the bottom line is there was just no originality, they came across as an average punk/speed metal band.

5 / 10









"Complete Execution (Re-mastered)" Track-listing:

Metalyzed (demo):
1. I Was Wrong
2. Salamander
3. Sins Of The World
4. Metalyzed
5. Alpha19
6. Blood Money
7. Marrakesh
8. Women Of The World
Radio live:
1. Shapeshifter
2. Third Wish
3. Caligula
4. Battlescarred
Red Raw And Bleeding
1. Metalyzed
2. Gor
3. N.Z.F.E.D.K.
4. Lazarus
5. Red Raw And Bleeding
6. Stormer
7.Taras Bulba
8. Deathstiny
9. The Third Wish
10. Death Heavy
1. Battlescarred
2. Wolfboat
3. Mutant
4. The Legend (Agharti)
5. Charnal House (House Of Death)
6. Shapeshifter
7. Caligula
8. Bird Or Beast
9. Atlantis
10. Evil Bitch

Blood Money Lineup:

Dale Lee - bass
Danny Foxx - vocals
Gramie Dee - guitar
Brett Avok - drums

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