Chopped, Sliced, and Diced

Blood Feast

BLOOD FEAST are veteran rockers who first got their start in 1985 in Bayonne, New […]
By Louise Brown
January 14, 2019
Blood Feast - Chopped

BLOOD FEAST are veteran rockers who first got their start in 1985 in Bayonne, New Jersey as a Thrash Metal band called BLOODLUST. They remained together under that name until 1991 then retired from the music scene for the most part with the sole exception of a concert appearance in 1999. After another brief hiatus the band got back together and reformed under the name BLOOD FEAST in 2002 and have remained together ever since.

Over the years the band has managed to record three full-length studio, and two EPs (including the one I'm reviewing currently) as well as appear on four different complication albums. Their sound has often been compared to MORBID SAINT, KREATOR, SLAYER, DEATH ANGEL, SODOM, EXHORDER, and EXODUS with its strong themes about horror, violence and death. They can definitely be considered one of the original bands that ruled the underground metal scene during the 1980s. Does "Chopped, Sliced and Diced" continue their legacy? Hopefully this review will answer that question.

Track one, "Concubine" sets a blistering pace immediately with twin guitars and drums combining in such a way that you're suddenly looking around for the nearest mosh pit. The band sounds just as good as it did during its' heyday in the mid and late-80s. The song's surprisingly complex arrangement works well with Chris Natalini's raw and ranting vocal delivery. Track two, "Hunted, Stalked and Slain" is a remake of an older song by the band from an earlier album, 1989's "Chopping Block Blues". The song opens with excellent riffs which eventually blend with an extremely fast drum track. I thought it had a distinctly Punk Rock tone to it which I liked at first. But then the song slowed in pace about halfway through and my attention wandered as a result. Luckily the guitar solo brought me back; it was short, but really good. Although the pace picked up again I was still annoyed. Not a bad song, but not one of my favorites, either.

"Darkside" is the third track. I liked it immediately even though the intro bore a tiny resemblance to the opening of "Concubine" with regard to the pace of the music as well as some of the underlying notes. The guitar riffs were as catchy as hell and I enjoyed the vocals as well; both balanced each other quite well which made for a really good blend of sounds. The solos were equally great as guitarists Adam Tranquili and C.J. Sciosia show off the skills they've learned over the years. I think most serious Thrash Metal fans would enjoy the song as much as I did. "Chopping Block Blues" (the fourth track and another remake) sounded like something from the pages of a serial killer's diary. It begins with high energy and aggressive sound which captures your attention immediately. In places Chris Natalini's voice reminded me a great deal of Tom Araya's (SLAYER) when he was in younger years. Just a good, solid song for anyone who appreciates old school Thrash.

The fifth track, "Chemical Imbalance," has the best intro out of all the songs on the EP since it's extremely heavy. The vocals are rapid fire from the time they start and seldom let up as the song continues. While the chorus lags a bit the song is otherwise excellent. It sounds like one of the bands older songs from a few decades ago which is testimony to the way they've managed to preserve their chemistry somehow; not easily done for most bands, let alone older ones. As much as I enjoyed the third track, "Darkside," I think I'd have to pick this one as the track to recommend to anyone who is curious about the band or the EP.

"By The Slice" is a live track from a show in Osaka, Japan and the last song on the EP as well. I enjoyed the song a great deal because it revealed that BLOOD FEAST is one of those great bands that really shines when they're on stage performing. I went from being somewhat impressed by their playing ability to very impressed by the time "By The Slice" was over with. The song was aggressive, LOUD and brought to mind the shows I caught in my younger years at dingy little clubs that "nice" people generally didn't go to. I think if you were to play the track under the right circumstances someone might even start a Wall of Death; or do some stage-diving if nothing else, haha.

 I confess I wasn't very familiar with the band or its music when I was assigned this review. However, after listening to the EP a couple of times and learning more about the background of BLOOD FEAST I feel it's only fair to give them proper credit for helping to fuel Thrash Metal during its early years and for continuing to support it by playing it years later. So, did "Chopped, Sliced and Diced" live up to the band's legacy. Yes, it did. So if you're one of their fans you should definitely get this EP.

8 / 10









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"Chopped, Sliced, and Diced" Track-listing:

1. Concubine
2. Hunted, Stalked and Slain
3. Darkside
4. Chopping Block Blues
5. Chemically Imbalanced
6. By The Slice (Live in Osaka)

Blood Feast Lineup:

Chris Natalini-  Vocals
Adam Tranquilli-  Guitars
C.J. Scioscia-  Guitars
Tom Lorenzo-  Bass
Adam Kieffer-  Drums

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