Blood Divisions

Blood Divisions

I'm honestly not used to talking about works with only two songs that are cover, […]
By Camila Guimarães de Almeida
November 17, 2015
Blood Divisions - Blood Divisions album cover

I'm honestly not used to talking about works with only two songs that are cover, because it always occurs even though unintentionally comparing them to other similar acts, that often can even be unfair to seek similarity with the original version of the song we are listening version. It was the case for the two songs released by the label Metal Blade Records in this project titled "Blood Divisions" by the band also titled BLOOD DIVISIONS. BLOOD DIVISIONS is bringing big names of world metal scene to present two great songs in my humble and honest opinion.The disc starts with an overly long version of "The Morgue" a version that sounds somewhat grim compared to original but somewhat exaggerated over virtuosity in all elements of music, which also presents a grim and dense sphere. The music is far from bad, but still bet that old recipe: "Less is more ... and in this case would be!"

You can't even think about saying something about the technique of the musicians on this disc, after all, we are talking about name bands members, as the honored "Nasty Savage" with the representative Ben Meyer on guitar. All with luggage and sequence of incredible musicality.

In the case of "Top Of The Bill" did not want to be dishonest, nor fail to be impartial but in fact this version of "Blood Divisions" excited me more than the original version the higher sphere where the music starts with Mr. Jericho on vocals It is to do either sing the song from start to finish. And even more because it is one of the classics of none other than the giants of the Scorpions, that particular taste the party is its history very well targeted and solid on the scene of the rock.

In my opinion "Blood Divisions" fulfilled its role to innovate by bringing big names to the project and further to allocate part of sales of this work to benefit the charity project titled the "Rock & Rescue" directed by acclaimed producer Jay Ruston and Warren County Tennessee Humane Society.

It's worth checking this good work performed by excellent musicians!<

7 / 10


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"Blood Divisions" Track-listing:

1. The Morgue (Nasty Savage Cover)
2. Top Of The Bill (Scorpions Cover)

Blood Divisions Lineup:

Chris Jericho - Vocals
Dave Austin - Guitars (Nasty Savage)
Ralph Santola - Lead Guitars (Death, Obituary, Testament, Iced Earth)
Terry Butler - Bass (Obituary, Death, Denial Fiend, Massacre)
Greg Gall - Drums (Six Feet Under)
Bill Owen - Lead guitar (Purgatory)
John Mahoney - Lead Guitars (Fester)
Ben Meyer - Lead Guitars (Nasty Savage, Low Brow, Gardy Loo)

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