Mot Ein Evig Ruin


BLODHEMN are a Norwegian Black Metal band comprised of a single entity, Invisus. Formed in […]
By Christopher Thackston
February 18, 2019
Blodhemn - Mot Ein Evig Ruin album cover

BLODHEMN are a Norwegian Black Metal band comprised of a single entity, Invisus. Formed in 2004, BLODHEMN released the EP "Brienn Alle Bruer" in 2010, followed by "Holmengraa" in 2012 and "H7" in 2014. This year "Mot Ein Evig Ruin" brings their darkness into the light.

The intro track "Ruin" comes in with heavy tribal drumming that intrigues the mind enough to catch your attention. Haunting guitars and ghostly voices bring a different atmosphere into the track. It makes you feel as if you have entered a horror movie, and you are the first victim.

As "Do Gjekk Ein Faen" begins, it seems to take a completely different turn from where we began. Blast beats and the insanity of the guitars take me somewhere else. An asylum comes to mind as all of the chaos soon sways into soft strums and gentle plucks, as if I have been given my medication. Invisus's vocals blend well within the song, but they seem to lay well beneath the music, as if they were a lurking beast below.

Track three, "Dogenikt" still brings more blast beats alongside the death notes of guitar. Here the vocals become completely lost beneath carnage. There is one solace to this one, as it breaks down into a nice groove to give the song a nice edge before all of the clutter comes back in two fold.

"Ostfront" begins to redeem the album, so to speak. It tends to follow the intro a lot more than its predecessors. The tribal drumming gives the song a jump start to the guitars and bass. The vocals still feel under produced but are more clean than in other songs. The song itself is the best on the album. It gives you the head bob and it becomes hard to stop once started.

The rest of the album continues back along the foray of CRADLE and DIMMU. Songs like "Nord Havs Spell" and "Mot Midnatt" continue with blast beats and fast strumming that only gets boring unless you are a "Nothing But" Black Metal fan. I am in no means disrespecting the talent of one man. Invisus has a way of luring you into his music just to slash your throat after some time. The vocals tend to hide underneath every song and that disappoints me. The sound has been true throughout the albums and the man has stayed true to his own sound over the years. I would like to see him work with some other talented artists and see what possibilities could be.

8 / 10









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"Mot Ein Evig Ruin" Track-listing:

1.  Ruin
2. Do Gjekk Ein Faen
3. Dogenikt
4. Ostfront
5. Nordhavs Spell
6. Uante Krefter I Fra Nord
7. Dra Te' Helvete
8. Mot Midnatt

Blodhemn Lineup:

Invisus - All Instruments, Vocals

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