The World Won't Listen

Blinding Sunrise

BLINDING SUN, a Melodic Metalcore band, was formed in May of 2011 in Italy under […]
By Jessica R Harman
November 12, 2015
Blinding Sunrise - The World Won't Listen album cover

BLINDING SUN, a Melodic Metalcore band, was formed in May of 2011 in Italy under the name TIME AFTER DARK. In the beginning the band was simply a side project to relieve boredom; covering acts like EYES SET TO KILL, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, and MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE. TIME AFTER DARK changed their name to BLINDING SUN later that same year along with releasing their first single "Stab". The band built a rehearsal studio in 2012 to begin their career. In 2013 their first EP "Cold Like Winter" was released.

Now BLINDING SUN is back using a mixture of the power of Metalcore and the melody of Emocore to release their first full-length album "The World Won't Listen". The album comes in at 12 tracks with a listening time of about 40 minutes. The band has released two videos from this album "Scream Till You Can" and "Children's Wishes Are Men's Regrets" along with having Daniele Nelli (UPON THIS DAWNING) as a guest vocal on "Sinking With My Pain".

I found it awesome and I really enjoyed this album as a whole unit and for a first release as an independent label the production is a spot on. The man vocal ranges from the typical Metalcore scream to down right gritty growls. The female vocals are beautiful and angelic; yet the combination of the male vocals and female vocal creates such a rich and enhancing sound. I always enjoy a band that can create an astonishing album with both female and male vocals. The musicianship is also striking and energetic. Combining the female vocals and the written music, there is almost a Gothic feel to the music.

While I liked the album from start to finish, there were a few that were exceptionally brilliant. These tracks include "Waterfalls", "Sinking With My Pain", and "The Longest Night". Each track distinctively different, but all tracks written extremely well.

If you enjoy Metalcore with a Gothic twist, BLINDING SUN's "The World Won't Listen" is for you. If you don't know if you like it; it is a must listen to. The album is a great listen with high energy, but has that dark tone behind it.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"The World Won't Listen" Track-listing:
  1. Intro
  2. If You Don't Live For Something, You'll Die For Anything
  3. Waterfalls
  4. Let Me Breathe
  5. Oniria
  6. Scream Till You Can
  7. Sinking With My Pain
  8. Children's Wishes Are Men's Regrets
  9. Cold Black Sea
  10. Lonely Sailors
  11. The Longest Night
  12. Broken Windows (Bonus Track)
Blinding Sunrise Lineup:

Valerio Macca - Drums
Mattia Giuffrida - Vocals
Francesca Ereddia - Female Vocals
Onofrio Butera - Bass
Luca Pace - Rythm Guitars
Matteo Lorefice - Lead Guitars

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