Seasons: Vol 1

Blessed Black

Opening up with this spoken word ritual of synthetic reverberation; this sulphurous remedy ramifies with […]
September 4, 2023
Blessed Black - Seasons: Vol 1 album cover

Opening up with this spoken word ritual of synthetic reverberation; this sulphurous remedy ramifies with organic substance & old school, traditional rips from dexterously dynamic guitar maelstrom Jake Stone/Joshua Murphy. Both implement a dense calamity in frolicking chugs and ripping shreds that showcase quintessential virtuosity amongst an amplified distortion in which rumbles with monolithic tempo & rampantly rompy thuds on sturdy grandeur, "Hellbender" executes at a distinctively distinguished enthrallment in catchy crunchiness and a concretely gritty element in boisterously bouncy hooks that rollick with slabby solidity to boot. An infectiously cordial vocal uproar manifests with throaty soars & screaming yells that shout with a distilled fabrication in high-pitched prowess that's most mythical.

"Obsidian" transitions with this salubrious yet volatile piledrive that's rambunctiously meaty; whilst versatile vehemence strike with profusely robust pursuits on rhythmic melody that stomps with thumpy bass audibility from Brad Bellamy and belting clobbering from hammering drummer Ray Bates. Conjuring up this vibrantly potent snare that momentously invents an avant-garde flamboyant, as crescendo building tremolo patterns raises through with rigorous vigour that surges on with nimble virulence & seamless stability that synergises with unique rifts for good sport. Overall concluding "Seasons: Vol. 1" with the finale epic banger "Unable"; I am compelled to say that this short EP delivered an intricately designed formula on stoner vibes and doomy heft that will make one want more with its heavy firepower expertise and flexibly fundamental but dexterously dynamic flickers that stride with striving masquerade for good measure.

Bottom line; fans of this justifiable subgenre will most surely want to experience an enjoyably entertaining discovery, BLESSED BLACK's "Seasons: Vol 1" fabricated an immersive euphonic EP and with only 1 full-length under their repertoire so far... hailing from the United States of America, you can bet that this persistent perseverance of heavy/doom metal performed meticulance will surely make you want to light up some spliff-ridden paper with every listen until the next release. Worthy of spinning/replaying until then, definitely do check it out.

(released 09/01/2023)

7 / 10









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"Seasons: Vol 1" Track-listing:

1. Hellbender
2. Obsidian
3. Unable

Blessed Black Lineup:

Ray Bates - Drums
Joshua Murphy - Vocals/Guitars
Brad Bellamy - Bass
Jake Stone - Guitars

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