The Hatred Inside


Canada based Heavy and Thrash Metal foursome, BLEED, have released their new full-length album called […]
By Aaron Eerdekens
December 15, 2015
Bleed - The Hatred Inside album cover

Canada based Heavy and Thrash Metal foursome, BLEED, have released their new full-length album called "The Hatred Inside". The hatred they themselves harbor, they certainly don't keep inside though. It's right there in front of you on a nice silver platter.

They start off with the title track of the album, "The Hatred Inside". It serves as an intro song, with a heartbeat, and heavy breathing in the background of an ominous bass line. After a while the drums slowly come in and the first guitar riff gives you a taste of things to come.

That thing is called "Deceiver", and it immediately grabs you by the throat with a heavy Thrash riff and booming drums. After a minute or so into the song, the drummer and the singer go insane for a while, before backing into the main riff again and going on like that until the piercing guitar solo kicks in, after which the bassist exhibits his skills once again as well. A promising effort.

"Committed" redeems those promises effortlessly. It's very clear BLEED is all about speed and energy, and they don't do themselves short at that at all. "Blood Ashes" main riff displays some of the best playing on this album. It's simple, but very effective, and keeps your attention right there where it belongs. It's nice that, not only the guitarist, but the bassist and drummer get the chance to show their skills as well.

By the time "Suffocate" starts, you'll probably get the feeling you've kind of heard it all. However, that doesn't release you from their Thrashy spell. The music remains on the high level they started with, and doesn't get old, however similar it may sound. The same can be said about "Murder Baby" and "Xombimind", one of the better songs on the album. The energy just bursts from every inch of their being, and tasty guitar solos galore.

In "Beginnings", it's the singer who displays what he can do with his voice, led on by an amazing riff. "Obelisk" sounds similar, but in "Conquer", they slow down their pace for the first time. It's a nice breather, but don't worry, their inexhaustible power keeps seeping through, and near the end, they speed up again. Crazy drums lead you into the final song, "Hate March Kill", in which they display, once more, what they can do in their genre. And that is a whole lot.<

8 / 10


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"The Hatred Inside" Track-listing:

1. The Hatred Inside
2. Deceiver
3. Committed
4. Blood Ashes
5. Suffocate
6. Murder Baby
7. Xombimind
8. Beginnings
9. Obelisk
10. Conquer
11. Hate March Kill

Bleed Lineup:

Rob - Vocals
Ron - Guitar
Mike - Bass
Chuck - Drums

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