Bleed Again

Bleed Again

The south coast of England has provided the ideal breeding facilities to produce and develop […]
By Charlotte "Lotty" Whittingham
May 15, 2015
Bleed Again - Bleed Again album cover

The south coast of England has provided the ideal breeding facilities to produce and develop some of the best bands in Underground Metal, the latest one of to capture my attention is Hardcore/Heavy Metal quintet BLEED AGAIN and believe me when I say they will bring utter chaos to your home town with their live shows. This desired effect is crystal clear on their latest self titled EP.

This chaotic quintet hail from Lancing which is situated in West Sussex that is often associate with quiet, rural areas surrounding small town centres; long story short the most unlikely place to stumble across a deafening, brutal Metal band. I think this is a great part of their background as it adds the element of unexpectancy and shock, which works in their favour. From what I understand this is the first EP with their new line up; after several member changes and two self produced records BLEED AGAIN have built a reputation for their beautifully well crafted metal.

Onto the EP itself; I instantly recognize the pandemonium and chaos BLEED AGAIN caused in their live show in my hometown a couple of weeks ago. In terms of this kind of Metal that can be taken as a compliment. It's because of bands like BLEED AGAIN that the Metal scene continues to thrive. Their no-nonsense aggression through the vocals, guitars and drums from the dominant talent from the band members provides than a solid foundation for the development of their sound and hope for the Metal scene; I even recognised the song "Icarus" from their previous live show before embarking upon this EP.

This EP provides the perfect example of BLEED AGAIN's sound and shows you the reason why they have built a sterling reputation in the Metal community. Need a wakeup call? BLEED AGAIN and their new EP will give you so much more than that. Highly recommend it.


7 / 10


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"Bleed Again" Track-listing:

1. Drowning In Dreams
2. Ten Bells
3. Icarus
4. Fade Away

Bleed Again Lineup:

James Dawson - Vocals
Russell Plowman - Drums
Dan James - Bass
Simon Williams - Guitars
Chris Pratt - Guitars

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