The Gateway

Bleak Flesh

This EP could be broken up into two groups. The first half sounds dramatically different […]
By Salvador Aguinaga II
October 31, 2013
Bleak Flesh - The Gateway album cover

This EP could be broken up into two groups. The first half sounds dramatically different from the latter half. I'm inclined to believe the first two tracks were primitive ideas from the musicians themselves. They were iffy ideas, but stuck around maybe because these tracks had some sentimental value to them. The latter two were developed when they had a bit more experience being together as a band and better honing their skills and co-operability. The essence of the first two tracks overbearingly resembles your modern melodic Death Metal band fusing its style with elements of hardcore. Not a good way to get your appetite going, but they do try to incorporate a bit of Technical Death Metal into it. The biggest problem I face with these tracks is the synths. Synths are literally everywhere and they pop out even when if you think it'd be tactful for it to recede. The synths implied on these tracks resemble your typical jealous housewife. Imagine, if you will, being in the shoes of the housewife and you find out your husband is cheating on you. Instead of dumping the guy you try your best to make him notice you a lot more and oversell yourself in hopes he'd stop. That's basically the premise I get here, the synths are literally like "I'm here, I'm here, and I'm here".

Now the last two tracks make you question the tracks you heard beforehand. It's more mature and more melded to reflect their individualized sound rather than a blatant mess. It's pretty subtle but good. It reminds me of lot of last year's AFTER OBLIVION's "Stamina" (production-wise and sound-wise). The experimental idea of Technical Death Metal in the previous tracks becomes the main idea in these last couple of tracks. Their path is along the lines of OBSCURA rather than a band like NILE or a terrible band like RINGS OF SATURN. Speaking of which, the only obvious negative aspect I should bring up are the solos. The solos are executed to enhance the speed and duality of the song but something about them seemed off. One of the solos in "The Path of Entropy" was actually more fitting than both the solos in these last tracks. Something about them seemed dry; they weren't terrible but not something to note either. The most consistent thing about the entire EP was the vocals. They were distinguishable and unique. They were like a fusion between Steffen Kummerer and all the vocalists from SHADOWS FALL. And due to their native culture, the accent following along the many shouts, screams, semi-growls sounded pleasant yet with vigor. Finally, the housewife is at peace and has found solace in moving on and starting a new chapter. In other words, the synths work a lot, I mean a lot better. 

5 / 10


"The Gateway" Track-listing:

1. At the Gates of the Universe
2. The Path of Entropy
3. Introspective Hypernova
4. Cryosphere

Bleak Flesh Lineup:

Paulo Carcamo - Vocals
Matias Quiroz - Guitars
Nicolas Martinez - Guitars
Sebastian Vidal - Drums
Enrique Carvajal - Bass

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