Pink Noise Motel

Blame Kandinsky

At such an early start into their carer, BLAME KANDINSKY dive right into their first […]
By Isha Shah
April 29, 2015
Blame Kandinsky - Pink Noise Motel album cover

At such an early start into their carer, BLAME KANDINSKY dive right into their first taster EP titled "Pink Noise Motel". Forming in 2012, the Athens's five-piece are like many of the well known classic rockers, but have a modern twist to their sound. Adapting outdated metal music for what they call 'Math Rock', BLAME KANDINSKY produce six outrageous tracks.

The intro "Varnish 11 st lllinois", doesn't give much away as an old fashioned gramophone plays distorted music, while a screeching sound interferes with it. This then goes straight into their first real track, "Cassidy Godson meets Christine Fallin". Aggressive and rugged right from the very start, powerful vocal blasts from Stratos are found as he screams in all different pitches.

It's hard to breath when listening to this band, as all of their tracks are fast paced, leaving no breaks for air. Its viciously structured guitar riffs are mastered in a glorious basement of noise. Similar to the works of a modern band, BABY GODZILLA, the quintet follow the code of, LOUD, LIVE MUSIC.

There isn't much to say about this EP other than it brings NOISE, NOISE AND MORE NOISE. Similar patterned songs float into the next, all emerging to sound the same. However there are a few clear pointers with the key changes that give the songs more depth instrumentally.

"Nasscency.Admittance.Guilt.Rebbirth" gradually grows stronger, ending with a powerful and exotic melody that reflects their origin. With such a narrowed market to target and a limited number of paths you can with such a band, its hard not to repeat yourself. As BLAME KANDINSKY have fallen under the category of this, their music is still refreshing to hear in the modern world, as it breaks stereotypes and boundaries.

7 / 10


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"Pink Noise Motel" Track-listing:

1. Varnish 11 st lllinois
2. Cassidy Godson meets Christine Fallin
3. Lions
4. Nasscency.Admittance.Guilt.Rebbirth
5. Beautiful Savages
6. Death has no name

Blame Kandinsky Lineup:

Stratos - Vocals
Marm - Guitar
Spyros - Guitar
Kostas - Bass
Chris - Drums

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