Flesh Inferno


I'd bet this album is from Sweden; no, there's not any of the Gothenburg sound/production […]
By Grigoris Chronis
May 17, 2008
Blackwinds - Flesh Inferno album cover

I'd bet this album is from Sweden; no, there's not any of the Gothenburg sound/production in it. BLACKWINDS flirts with the semi-majestic side of satanic Black Metal, drawing influences from bands like DIMMU BORGIR, SETHERIAL, CRADLE OF FILTH (some, music-wise), MARDUK, DARK FUNERAL and WATAIN (the cover artwork was done by Erik Danielsson). And, to tell you the truth, Flesh Inferno marks a notable release that will possibly attract non-primitive Black Metal followers.
A side project(?) of SETHRIAL in the beginning, BLACKWINDS delivered the The Black Wraiths Ascend 7 EP through Bloodstone Entertainment in 1999. Years later, and with petite info on what happened to BLACKWINDS in between, a full-length CD arises in early 2008 under the name Origin, featuring  the EP's tracklist plus some bonus tracks (leftovers?). Now, in late May 2008, Flesh Inferno is ready to be unleashed and - from what I can conclude - the pair of Lord kraath (SETHERIAL) and Lord Mysteriis (SETHERIAL, IN BATTLE) hold the scepters of BLACKWINDS.
Flesh Inferno has everything Swedish Black Metal delivers the last years. A strong production, well-worked songs structures, hellish vocals (turning out to some 'theatrical' mode, here an there, in bridges), majestic keyboards, enough of of blast beats but also mid-pace parts with some early Euro Thrash breaks, demonic guitar riffs with could-be-better soloing and...that's it. Eleven songs of equal quality, with a specific 'stint' on Architecture Of Phantasmagoria and Seraphim Ephemeral, that will make your ears bleed in no time.
I feel Flash Inferno will grab the sub-genre's devotees by the balls and nail 'em to the ground easily. Regain Records has released a remarkable album again, and Sweden carries on exporting quality extreme Metal music. That simple.

7 / 10


"Flesh Inferno" Track-listing:

Before Time
Enter The Pandemonium
Architecture Of Phantasmaghoria
Flesh Inferno
Plague Bringer
Seraphim Ephemeral
Crimson Thirst
Conceptualizing The Devil
Quintessence Of Hell

Blackwinds Lineup:

Lorg Kraath - Vocals
Lord Mysteriis - Drums

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