The Lung Of Stone


Firstly, this is an EP and BLACK CHEST's debut to boot. Their site says Power […]
By Tony "Demolition Man" Dolan
February 11, 2014
Blackchest - The Lung Of Stone album cover

Firstly, this is an EP and BLACK CHEST's debut to boot. Their site says Power Metal and as influences the sight, SAXON, ACCEPT, GAMMA RAY but I can feel a touch top of that good old NWOBHM, even if they are from Brazil (which, by the way, wins my vote right off!). They even played with ANGEL WITCH and I can see how that sat nicely. So that is how I see them. The production is ok, except the drums I have an issue with, they just sound too digital. These days with Logic and Pro Tool studios, not forgetting the lower level Cubase home studios, it does help on a budget level and can work for different styles but drums are the one thing even more difficult mimic or to record, you need the space and the mics for a good analogue sound really, but I do think for this style of Metal they must be real sounding and here I don't feel that. I could be wrong and the drummer may have played a blinder but then my complaint would lie in the producer who has failed to make that 'real' feel come across for me, especially on ''Hail To Piracy''.

The title of the EP ''Lung Of Stone'' had me wondering if they were anti-smoking but that's not the case. ''Lung Of Stone'' has a classic anthem feel, in fact ''Hail To Piracy'', ''Violin In Blood'' (My pick of the bunch) and ''Bury Your Heart'' (A reference to the infamous Dee Brown book or not? No, that was about Wounded Knee and here it's buried out at sea!) all have a punch the air, fight together brothers for victory feel. It's an uplifting EP and perfect for that brotherly/sisterly all for one togetherness. They just miss on points because of lack of studio direction or experience I think. The vocals are cool but the harmonies need a little work and the approach of the drum sound too but they do a good job and certainly follow their influences where their hearts obviously lie. Good guitar work and so real potential here.

More studio experience or maybe just a keen producer and I'd like to see what happens because I think they are going in the right direction and are more than capable of reaching a level they admire themselves. Keep up the good work guys and keep the faith.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"The Lung Of Stone" Track-listing:

1. The Lung Of Stone
2. Hail To Piracy
3. Violin In Blood
4. Bury Your Heart

Blackchest Lineup:

Jack Oliver - Vocals / Guitar
Fabio Loureiro - Drums
Andre Costa - Bass
Mauricio Souza- Guitar

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